Pfeiffer's phenomenon afforded a starting point from which Metchnikoff, Bordet, Ehrlich, and Morgenroth began their labors and brought forth a series of discoveries that have been epoch making. I solicit the attention of the profession to the inyestigation of the subject; and desire it to be either proved or disproved by dissection and demonstration At a meeting of a large number of the delegates of the Association, and citizen physicians of New York, held at the Anatomical Theatre of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, a synopsis of the foregoing Essay was read; and the author's views of the pathological condition of the disease, in an advanced and destructive stage, demonstrated from a pretty extensive collection of specimens of hip disease, belonging to the New York College of Physicians and Surgeons, to the Albany Medical College, and to the author. Cyanosis also depends upon the degree of filling of the superficial capillaries and venules. The author quotes, in the matter of stains for the bacilli, a writer in the British Medical Journal, who states that the staining method of Xeisser is absolutely diagnostic in the majority of cases; the polar bodies on the ends of the bacilli are found to take up a deep blue color, while the body of the organism is stained brown if the process is properly carried out. It will but rarely happen that matters are at such a pass that one cannot take time for this purpose. I will today tell our friends of the results obtained, as they were presented by the secretary of the commission. These doses corresponded in size to those required to immunize rabbits experimentally against pneumonic infection. I, J.), the glass walls of the tube being thrown into a brilliant, though violet fluorescence.

It made tension on the capsule and thus aligned displaced fragments; it directed the surface of the outer fragment toward that of the inner; it relaxed the muscles whose contraction caused displacement: it apposed the trochanter to the side of the pelvis, and thus checked the tendency toward upward displacement; and in the treatment of impacted fracture it provided a leverage by which deformity might be overcome Avithout violence or danger to the patient. It is most common in cities; when it occurs in the country it usually follows a shock of some kind. It is at once evident, that, if we admit the view here advanced to be correct, the existence of cells always presupposes the existence of nuclei; the former never being formed without the latter existing In the history of this subject, I have alluded to some of the views dissimilar to the preceding one, which have been urged by observers It appears, however, that they have been less inclined to put forward particular views of their own than to assert that they have been unable to witness the phenomena described by Schwann. It being of a syrupy consistency, which when syringed into the mouth, sticks to the tongue and lips, thus hardly a drop is wasted by spilling. In addition to the increased destruction of red cells in pernicious anemia there is also evidence of an unusual activity on the part of the bone marrow.

Furthermore, as may be thermometer shows any appreciable rise of temperature. The cause of pulmonary emphysema is still obscure. Of ergot, and when the contractions of the uterus were established, hours until evening, and then to omit until morning. These"choleraic" symptoms are apparently not due to the retention of bile constituents but to functional changes in the hepatic cells. With this end in view it has been suggested to wash out the urethra with a catheter and then pass a catheter into the bladder and fill this viscus up with some antiseptic fluid, and after removing the catheter allow the patient to void this fluid through his urethra.

Gangrene of the lid, diphtheria of the lacrimal sac, dacryadenitis, orbital abscess, and optic neuritis are rare complications.

When extrasystoles alternate with normal contractions, there is a grouping the Regular Occurrence of a Ventricular Extrasystole after each Normal Beat.

Smejkal, Manitowoc, was the official American Medical Association representative Dr. The body is a combustion apparatus in which various materials derived from the food are hydrolyzed, oxidized, and otherwise altered by means of special ferments, until they finally liberate energy which leaves the body mainly in the form of heat. ' Only a few valuable English works were on the market. During this period the metabolism is apt to fall into arrears, and toxines tend to accumulate.

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