A spinal ice-bag may reUeve the headache. Mecum bas been expanding that position from the former executive secretaryship. With motor car is a practical proposition over any road or climate that a horse and buggy can travel.

The delicate child needs particular protection against such disturbing mental habits during the age of puberty. Work was also needed in behalf of those who had other social grievances, who had not succeeded in making a success of life, who were suffering from poverty. McCall, Jr., MD, Detroit Louis R.

Very grave; in the chronic form it is favorable.

The part to be operated upon may be placed in a slightly higher position than the rest of the body in order to lessen hemorrhage. In suppression of urine the bladder is foimd empty on passing a catheter. This number is so small that it might be supposed incorrect if the statistical returns for several years did not contirm its truth.

At first twenty grains in four capsules of five grains each can be given, followed by a five grain capsule every four hours. How shall we prevent hernia? f. This condition If it can be avoided, dilating internal urethrotomy should not be performed on persons suffering from impotence, neurasthenia, abnormal nocturnal losses, or sexual hypochondriasis. Although it has even now attained to a position of great value to mankind, and of just pride to our profession, it is necessary that it should await the further development upon the certain and brilliant luture of success, which at present is pharmacology and therapeutics, by describing any of the more striking advancements made in recent times. This condition depends on the Taso-motor nerves, and is rarely met with. Forms simulating diphtheria without the intensity of congestion, recurring especially in childhood, are generally due to a different streptococcus and definitely related to acute articular rheumatism. Heins, MD, WSU associate dean for student affairs, counsels second-year female medical students Lori Adelson, Sue Fraser and Janet We should increase household help tax deductions for working women as well as provide day-care for children"Perhaps, in a few years, your doctor will leave her child in nursery school and go to her office to take We have many challenging openings for physicians with and without industry experience. It is the medical profession here, narrow religious dogma there, the marriage institution in another place, and the time honored relation of parent and child over All these, and this Shaw sees and against these he rides in the service of liberation from bondage, all these are full of gaps and rents, which society dimly discerning has always sought to conceal and patch over before they ever became truly visible.

Since the rays emanating from the Roentgen tube in action vary with its vacuum in penetration and therapeutic value, they must be adapted to the particular form of diagnosis to be made and to the Other essential accessory pieces of apparatus have been developed, the milliamperemeter to measure the amount of current passing through the tube; the static voltmeter to measure the tension of the current and the relative vacuum of the tube, i. I made the trip out in excellent time, but on the return a carburetor trouble developed (as was afterward discovered from a lump of solder lodging on top of float) and ranch gasoline leaked out.

The usual Petri plate cultures are made from the throat and suspicious colonies are carefully fished from this plate and sown into the small tubes described, only one colony to a tube. Apart from the analysis, the stomach contents give valuable information as to the time and composition of the last meal, which may have a very important and circumstantial bearing. Voght, in Lewandowsky's Handbook, referred to the large range in the degree to which the cerebellum was involved in congenital cases, but few typical and purely cerebellar cases had been fully described. This was a case in which any attemjit at removal would have been useless; for, although it might have been possible to get beyond the disease in an upward direction, it would certainly have been impracticable to have efficiently removed it from its lateral connections with the vagina, uterus, and Douglas's pouch.

TIic testes and lungs were fibrous; there Tvere old scars on the loiehead, aud a pigmented scar on the right leg.

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