He did not fail to explain the reasons which warranted a more earnest study of the dysphagia.

No ulceration could be detected in the ascending colon or in the coecum. The former assume the greater importance for us, because they admit of relief; whereas, after destruction of the brain, or any one or more of its component parts, there can be no help.

I reopened the old incision and exposed the peritoneum. They are based on hundreds of photographs taken from nature, and illustrate most faithfully"The volume should prove most helpful to students and others in grasping details usually to be acquired only in the amphitheater itself." De Lee's Obstetrics for Nurses Professor of Obstetrics in the Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago; Lecturer in the Nurses' Training Schools of Mercy, Wesley, Provident, Cook County, and Chicago Lying-in While Dr. A full and well-regulated supply of good drinking water, under all the circumstances of military service in the hot season, is an essential measure for the prevention of sun-stroke.

Amid such sanitary surroundings the patient can scarcely avoid contaminating the house in which he lives, while, perhaps more important still, the environment, combined with insufficient food, etc., lowers the resistance of the other members of the family and renders them more liable How are we to combat these conditions? First, by an educational health campaign in the homes. Nothing was known of his history. The patients are suffering from pneumonia, bronchitis, appendicitis, injuries and various minor ailments. He died on state of red hepatisation, the upper lobe was somewhat cedematous. One month later he was alive and well. The experiments were chiefly directed towards the study of the different methods of vascular suture, ancf included the repair of longitudinal and irregular wounds of arteries, end-to-end suture of completely divided arteries, arterio-venous anastomosis, and the narrowing and partial occlusion of arteries by suture and by aluminium bands. He resolved to investigate the subject of fermentations from the standpoint which he had reached by observing the fermentation of the paratartrates fermentation depends on the mediation of living organisms.

The wound now contracted daily, but there was nodiminution of faecal matter. The insidiousness of the onset, the protean modes of advance, and the masked features of even serious cases should never be forgotten.

Atropine counteracts the influence of aconite and muscarin (the poison of fungi) upon the heart, and the action of the latter principle in producing spasm of the pulmonary vessels. Mabey was employed by PARK AND HOLT: MILK IN INFANT-FEEDING. With time, the stump changes its shape so markedly that the artificial limb, which fitted accurately when first applied, is no longer suitable.

We are greatly indebted to these researches in psychology, just as in physical medicine we are greatly indebted to the physiologists. A lasting high proportion produced direct symptoms of irritation, and only the physically weak and convalescents from acute diseases seemed to do well. If it is long, these may be dispensed with provided the stump is capable of weight-bearing. If something is not done to restore the normal muscular balance, a pes cavus (hollow-foot) is almost certain to develop, since the unopposed pull of the short of paralysis of the Achilles tendon. The cells are compressed round these cysts.

The division of dysentery into several varieties, the allotment of a particular name to each, and the attempt to distinguish the one from the other by symptoms, are not calculated to advance our clinical knowledge of this disease, or to strengthen our hands in its treatment. The native opinion on the influence of the Lathyrus sativa is worthy of every attention, but it must be regarded as still suh judice till submitted to logical and systematic inquiry. OAVID V, CHATTANOOGA MARTIN JR, ROBERT L.

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