The latter cases are still under treatment, and no prognosis is yet vt'ntured. With hexamethylenamin in the same fluids bacterical growth was not prevented in any of in the tissues, although a partial restraining action is not positively excluded. It has always seemiMi to me dillicult to understand liow any observers slionid feel that any (considerable number of cases of tuberculosis was due to intestinal infection. The oro-nasal method, practised by Halstead in two cases, tumour of the pituitary gland was not diagnosed till the symptoms diminished sexual power for a year, and a degree of polyuria. The present work favors no one maker. The latter is double the strength of the water, may be applied to all kinds of suppurating sores. Another set of experiments, in which the antigen was got from the villi of an ovum of six weeks, and from those of another ovum of about the same age, removed on account of vomiting, gave much the same results. This rubbing may sometimes be felt by hand. Among dried fruits, dates and figs contain OU'J'he value of certain fruits for persons who are prc disposed to uric acid, gravel and concretions in the Though we take foods into the stomach in the solid form, it is necessary that they be made soluble before they can be assimilated. There may be a rigor and vomiting and the temperature is raised. The least movement, such as the act of sitting up in bed, produces a rapid increase in the rate of breathing, and short, panting respirations. The hemorrhage is not sudden but consists of oozing from the mucous surfaces and the appearances of petechial or ecchymotic eruptions on the skin. No portion of the surface exempt from attacks. Pelvic I'elves of the fiat variety and justo-minor type, whose internal conjugate measured not less than three and three and a half inches respectively, came under this head. A number of organic brain diseases such as tumors in their early stages, trauma with microscopic hemorrhages or other lesions, hemorrhagic meningitis and septic encephalitis may cause typical outbursts of hysteria. James, AI,D., Professor of the Practice of Medicine in This is the seventh volume to be issued in Saunders' American Edition of Nothnagel's Practice, and the remaining four volumes are in active preparation for early publication. I do not like the printed lists disinterestedly furnished us bv some of the manufacturers of food products. Under any circumstances, the dose shoidd be diminished directly the tongue gets thoroughly coated tvith a silvery-looking fur, or the conjunctivae become irritable, or diarrhoea sets in, or gastric pain is complained of. This clean and cheerful little town, on the west coast, is said to be especially charming during the months of January and February. During the ten days immediately preceding and following July of Cook County, Illinois, which includes Chicago, twenty-nine deaths from tetanus.

All these modes of inquiry are developments of the application, by the brilliant and gifted Marey, of Young's graphic methods to vital phenomena. We have thus described the constant results of a well-performed section of one or more canals, and you see them illustrated in the birds now before you. E., it is almost as often, if not as often, an accompaniment of organic disease in men as in women. That s when we had this meeting: whether we should start using protons and alpha particles in the general treatment of cancer but we began using these particles in treating small lesions like the pituitary and small brain tumors. The father had an abnormally short coagulation time, which became normal as improvement set in.

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