There is no doubt, however, that fully as desirable results are obtained from the remedy in smaller doses more frequently repeated. It prevails at all seasons of the year. They claimed that the Parcae had not cut the thread of my life only to give me an opportunity to report what I had observed in connection with the history of the profession of the country in a medical practice extending over almost sixty years, as a public teacher of medicine during forty-five years, and a member and an officer in many local, national and international associations.

Zeleny has discussed the question whether his results may not be due to the amount of food. We believe that it is a mistake to speak of a from an etiological point of view, no relation to the common genuine diphtheria. The invention and perfection of the microscope, making possible, as it did, the discovery of the cellular character of the body and revealing, as it likewise did, the hitherto invisible and unsuspected world of bacteriological life, opened new fields of investigation, one after the other, in rapid succession. A nerve cell with all its prolongations (dendrites and axon) constitutes a nerve unit or neuron.

The sense of smelling is eflected by the membrane before described. He confined his instructions solely to the midwives.

When acids appear in the free state in the system they are found in the urine unchanged. In muscular spasm of any of the forms named, the use of small doses of lobelia, or five grain doses of a bromid, every two hours, or occa-sional full doses of gelsemium, will be proved satisfactory. Burleigh for careful studies of the blood in connection with the experiments. In pharyngitis, chronic laryngitis and bronchitis it has often been used with great advantage, and in broncho-pulmonic catarrhal affections it has yielded very satisfactory results. External malformations have long been ascribed to them;'proximal malformations, such as auricular appendices, harelip, anencephalia, cyclopia, and lymphangioma of the neck, have been found to be caused by amniotic attachments or filaments.

Some of these plants have properties which enable them to meet certain single definite conditions better than almost or quite any other agent known; others will fulfill a number of common indications fairly well, though none of them, perhaps, in the best possible way.

I have for years contended that no surgical operation should he resorted to until the refraction was understood, all errors corrected, ditions call tor this course of management. It constitutes a medicament of usefulness in debilitated conditions generally, and through its corrective influence the stomach and bowels are often brought ployed with much advantage. The constitutional conditions that are most frequently the causes of this form of neuralgia are unquestionably anaemia and neurasthenia, or what is commonly known as nervous exhaustion, inas In thiB country it afflicts nearly every family.

There does not seem to be a direct relation between the albuminuria and the fever, although some authors assume it to exist. More rarely the streptococcus pyogenes and the staphylococcus pyogenes aureus are found. THE following officers were elected in the Atlanta Society of The Society has alao inatituted a movement for the thorough organization of a medical library, and in the next issue we will apeak more at length in regard to this. The pneumonia which often attacks patients are quite often seen whose beginning, course, and subjective symptoms correspond throughout to a croupous pneumonia, but in which the objective evidence of pneumonic infiltration evades the most careful examination. It is also serviceable in fissute, prolapsus ani and superficial bums. A fluid poured from its ruptured vessel will be absorbed by the lymphatics, and carried again into the circulation.

Before the gold leaf could be removed from one apparently healthy child he treatment of typhoid fever by cold water was before the Section, and I for one greatly regretted to see how many men of prominence throughout this country opposed the it is unobjectionable, and I think the experience of two years has confirmed the views of those of us who stood for cold ingenious contrivance, which I shall try to avail myself of, and also wish to express the desire that others will speak for the cold bath, so that it may be used in small communities as well as in large hospitals. The houses, as well as the inhabitants, were clean, and' there was a little garden in front of each house.

Johnson, Amsterdam Charles Stover, Amsterdam John W.

Lucy Hall-Brown said that probably many of the members had from time to time dispersed tumors of the breast which gave evidence of being carcinomatous, and yet because they had disappeared there had been a doubt thrown on the diagnosis. As soon as either passes the limits of the organ the sound becomes dull and diffused.

The third, the hiochemic factor, is to me at least of comparatively recent origin.

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