The collapse of the lung disappeared without any unfavourable signs. " Some remained in collapse from nine to twelve hours. ViSiTOSS to Vienna within recent years have noticed the importance of the Freiwillige Rettungi- Getelltchaft and the estimation in which it is held by the people. Shouldst thou not flourish by enacting lies, Step into print, good friend, and advertise; Thus let thine honest manifestoes run: That great physician, learned Dr. I tried to get ftarch from other fruits, but to no purpofe.

Weinerman had stopped over in Geneva while on his way to Israel to discuss his research with Haven by his colleagues, his students, and his patients.

Nothing else requires to be done except to pass my hand over the abdomen, generally outside the binder, in a small percentage of cases who show high temperature.

With the view of classifying the population into various social grades or" strata," he made observations on the value of a" social" census, and said that, at the suggestion of the Dublin Sanitary Association, such a census had been compiled for the Dublin Registration District, so that now it was possible to strite death-rates for various social grades of the community in that district.

One is always sure of finding it cool in Nova Scotia, and it is wise for those intending to visit this region to be"Certain sufferers from hay fever," says Huntington Richards,"enjoy perfect immunity from that disease at Halifax, and probably the same experience may be had at many other points in Nova Scotia. Barwell related a case in which there wtre marked tetanic spasms, and which were completely relieved by the removal of about an inch of a carpet-needle from a spot one inch and a half above the internal malleolus of the tibia of a man who had run the needle into his foot four months Mr.

However, most heart victims cannot be because they have other serious diseases.

This evening the child died; but, to our great mortification, no perfuafions could prevail upon the mother to permit the body to be mfpected. If bacteriological examination showed that the patient did not have diphtheria, the injection was not repeated.

The Quardiaus, it was stated, could give a gratuity for the work done by the medical officer, and if they some desultory discussion, the Board resolved, by seven votes against Messrs.

Wildman, Bridgeport, for his attendance and participation in the the Council in the consideration of the subject It was voted to accept, with commendation, a report on the proceedings of this Congress (Chicago, attended as a representative of the Society.

But when that is once out of the way, a period of a few months generally, though not always, is sufficient for a fairly complete return of working capacity.

This trouble is more frequently due to uncleanlin'ess of the milk vessel and milk room and is caused by the milk souring germ. The tuberculous ulcers are usually superficial, but may lead to perforation.

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