Cleanliness should be taught to all and practised by all. Lane is a very prominent surgeon, and has been such for many years on the Pacific coast, as the successor of Dr. One, he said, must recognize that pain does not affect animals with the same intensity as it does man, and further, uncivilized man does not feel it in the same degree as civilized and there are African races which seem totally insensible to it and refuse to take anesthetics for operations. Available also to those in attendance will be an audiovisual display on the stroke patient, therapy of the stroke victim. The bacilli could also be cultivated from the pneumonic lung. Sig.: One to three pills at bedtime. These were obtained patients in various stages of shock, as well as routine cases receiving Threshold level (edema may occur)____ School of Medicine and Dentistry. Hydronephrosis, factors influencing operative, Hydrothorax, right, coronary disease causing_ Hygiene for aviation personnel in aircraft carriers Hyperplastic tuberculosis of caecum simulating Hypodermic needles, method of preparing_ Ice anesthesia for amputation of extremities_l Illness, extent of, m the United States_ immobilization apparatus, simple, for fractures of in mobilization, extremity, method for_ _ immune transfusions in lymphogranuloma in inmunitv against smallpox__ _ _ immunization, active, against tetanus_ _ immunization against diphtheria and scarlet immunization with type I pneumococcus vaccine, human response to _ _ _ __. The present ease was not one in which there was endarteritis. With such a clear-cut plunger test, taking care that the rhythm is not that of the respiration, the surgeon does not need the x-ray, but may with confidence inflate the balloon, clamp it off securely, introduce or even overnight,.with suction on and water allowed by mouth. The arena of an operating theater in the first half of the nineteenth century smacked of the bull ring. Only a short time since a professional friend informed me in Wilmington, that it was of very great convenience to him in conversing Avitli the attendant of a patient he had visited the previous day on one of the lines of railway some miles from the city ( In the latter curred and to date no case has progressed into the chronic form of the disease. Details how a spinster, aged sixty-scvm years, -ought medical advice on account of pain, discomfort, and frequency of micturition, associated with a large tumor which could be felt in the hypogastric legion. Clear soups, such as beef, mutton, or chicken broth, All fresh meats, poultry, game. In the olden time"the scrofuloudiathesis" was a dignified and impressive term. Monitoring and manipulating therapeutically intracranial pressure (subdural bolt or ventricular catheter) seem to be advantageous but no controlled studies have been Often, determining the cause of a chest pain is The American Heart Association is supporting research to help doctors identify heart attacks as early as possible so the victims can receive fast, effective One research method is myocardial scintigram. Can this be so, and what is the relation here? The Western mountain fever is probably an enteric fever. Through him is disseminated most of the medical information, direction, and advice that will reach troops, and every effort is made to keep him well informed and aware of his malaria problems. The beautiful tribute which the people of Paris erected to the memory of this great man, near the scene of his labors, graphically symbolizes his versatility as well as the scope of his sympathetic and practical mind. In addition to the nervous system as a means of coordinating the various parts of the body there is a method which makes use of chemical processes. In order to build up a satisfactory system for insuring impaired risks, the medical and the actuarial departments must act in conjunction for ascertaining the percentage of mortality in the different classes, according to the general and to their individual experience.

In the present state of knowledge of the etiology of phlyctenulosis, the employment of tuberculin as a therapeutic agent in this affection is unjustifiable, not only because the ill-considered use of tuberculin is capable of doing much harm, but also because the clinical evidence shows pretty clearly that, if it is not actually harmful, it surely is not helpful. Indeed, the disinfecting organization should doubtless always follow the doctor. Failure adequately to lower the cartilaginous dorsum results in the unsightly The amount of bony hump removal is fixed by the dorsal cartilage resection. In any case, w'hether pus is found or not, the surface of bone must be gouged away to expose the medulla freely, and any gangrenous tissue sci-aped out The cavity must then be washed out and freely drained.

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