The stomach should be emptied as rapidly as possible for the purpose of removing all portions of the fungi that may remain undigested.


Nurses' training-schools might advantageously be attached to some Chronic pulmonary consumption is not an easy disease to treat.

At a more advanced period, not only is speech obliterated or converted into inarticulate muttering, but the patient is unable to maintain himself erect, and whenever he wills to make any motion, he finds that neither arms nor legs are obedient to his desires. As attention has not been called sufficiently to gonorrhoea! arthritis in women Bedouin reports forty-two cases of arthritis in connection with the puerperium. It is clearly and graphically described by Mr, Smith, in the lecture before alluded to; and I flejt "mch.appointments" ilie limb till the heel presses upon the buttock; now is the time that a little canning and art is required to perform the full ejtleneion, for if you attempt this you can only succeed bv cheating them. There may also be headache, pressure on the top of the head, and various forms of neuralgia, more especially symmetrical and obstinate sciatica.

He complained of his flaccid virility; for, said he," I am not deavoured for a while to live more moderately, and never again took the specific so profusely; but still when in great agony he applied to it. These facts simply tend to enforce the opinion which is that generally accepted in regard to pernicious anaemia, that it is but a particular form of secondary anaemia due to special causes and conditions for the most part unknown, and for the most part in the light of our present knowledge unremovable. Postscarlatinal nephritis is a frequent complication:

There was not any return of pain, and the patient became quite convalescent. Supposing it to have originated from the sternum, I attempted to dissect it off entire, but finding it more deeply imbedded than the situation of the bone would explain, I opened the thorax in the usual way, expecting that the extent and connexions of the disease would be at once developed. Of eleven cases of apoplexy, six were cured, but as this professor made use of blood-letting", at the same time, it is uncertain what share is attributable From the London Medical and Physical Journal. Slight, and did not increase in severity during the whole of that day, although the membranes had ruptured early, and the waters continued draining away. Indeed, we are free to admit that one of our reasons for publishing ibis crude matter, which is only a small addition of raw material to a future proving of the medicine, is to exhibit the sort of evidence out of which many of our provings have been compiled, not with tbe view of leading to an indolent distrust and rejection of what is thus shewn to be unsatisfactory, but in the hopes that it may rouse us to the necessity of undertaking a careful revision of our stuck in trade, and put us on our mettle for the future to verify by personal experiment, and to enlarge the traditional bequests that have come ready made to our hands. Mothe, ancien chirurgeon de l'hotel Dieu Nouvelle methode naturelle chimique, ou disposition des corps simples, et composes, propre a rendre l'etude de cette science plus Chemical Re-Agents, or Tests, and their An Essay on a New Mode of Treatment for Observations on the Nature and Treatment A General Description of the Bones of the Skeleton, intended for Students. Tilbury many subsequent investigators, among whom Yidal was the an epidemic of impetigo in seventy-six out of seventy-nine children recently vaccinated in Riigen, and considered the affection as a definite one which w r as inoculable only by of inoculations from all products of impetigo and succeeded lice from an impetiginous child upon the skin of a healthy child, and concluded that pediculi w r ere the carriers of the agree, although Unna claims merely coincidence. The chief Mexican ports on that side are Mazatlan and Acapulco; the smaller ports are San Bias, Manzanillo, Guaymas, and La Paz in Lower California. Teachers reported as dull or backward pupils and below the average of ability for their age.

It is a small largest during the first month, when it is about the size of a large pea; after this period it diminishes, until it is reduced to the size of a coriander seed; it is with difficulty found, in general, after the third month, although occasionally it is visible at four, five, and six months; this sac communicates with the foetus by a pedicle or duct," whose continuity," says Velpeau, coats of this sac have distributed to them an artery and vein, named omphalo-mesenterica by most writers, but Velpeau proposes to name them vitello mesenterica, or simply rasa vitellina. When a foreign body is present endeavours must be made to extract it.

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