The use of prisms or of convex glasses, or tenotomy of the external rectus affords but little aid to vision, indeed it frequently happens that although glasses make vision more distinct they rather increase the patient's discomfort; the glasses are too strong or they make the sight too distinct, or the frames press uncomfortably upon the nose or temples and increase the pain or cause distress in the head. The paralytic symptoms were an indication for the diagnosis, as regards location of the tumor, which was confirmed at the autopsy. The official language for medicine and allied sciences was German, which is used to a considerable extent today. The aviation establishment at Morrison, and Fort Monroe with the coast artillery school are in this district. The tissue between it and the opening in the bladder was caught in the grasp of a pair of hasmostatic forceps; three days later the forceps came away as the result of pressure necrosis; then it was found that the uretero-vaginal fistula had been transformed into the more easily cured vesicovaginal fistula. I shall describe at some length the varieties of localized partial tetanus, because it is one of the new findings of this war and the surgeon going to the front should be familiar with the aspects of Experimentally, tetanus always begins by contractures in the first place limited to the muscles of the region inoculated and if the dose of toxin injected is sufficient, the contractures at length involve all the muscles of the body. The spicules are removed and the skull cut away carefully with forceps to an extent varying with the injury to tiie dura.

The radial pulse was On the fifth day of illness patient developed an extensive urticaria, which lasted for about ten days. Any sucl: disorder, when not a part of a general neurosis, is due to some organic aftection anywhere within the body.

It was invested with a capsule intimately connected with neighboring structures.

Though the throat appeared normal cultures were made from the tonsils and produced genuine diphtheria bacilli.

Tuberculosis of the testes, epididymis, vas deferens, prostate, and bladder occasionally met with. To make it, the action of sulphuric acid on sea salt is all that is required, or it can be produced bv the action of sulphuric or hydrochloric acid on chloride of lime. One might have tuboovarian conditions which might need operation of themselves and which in the presence of large fibroids could of all cases and radium or the x-ray would not be used in the treatment of such cases.

I have been led to the essential iteration of views on this subject expressed four years ago, because the procedure is still ardently championed by some of reason for this conspicuity is the reception of the dictum of Semmelweis, that" puerperal fever was, without any exception, a fever of absorption, arising from the absorption of decomposed animal organic matter," inducing the belief terms being used somewhat synonymously. The base of the brain was invaded by the morbid growth and the third nerve implicated so that stasis and strabismus were added to the other unfavourable symptoms. The eye-balls are turned up under the lids, or to one side, or are rapidly jerked this way and that. Sohil, or ut liasl not visibly rcintaining lluiil.

At the autopsy there was found to be a fibro-cartilaginous ring encircling the base of the tricuspid valve, narrowing it so as hardly to admit the extremity of the little finger, but there was no insufficiency. Others succumb to the enfeeblement brought on by long repose in bed, and the unfavorable hygienic condition resulting from the hemiplegia; paralysis of the bladder and rectum may ensue, with bed-sores, and death occurs from adynamia. In all of them the disease passed through the same cycle of events with almost monotonous uniformity, and eventually all met the same fate.

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