He thought all insane and criminal individuals should be castrated. With these exceptions, thiol may have an excellent effect in a few chronic troubles, such as in fixed perios ticular rheumatism, and in acne vulgaris and acne rosacea, even if only used internally (as a fluid by the Bidder usually employed a mixture of equal parts of thiol and water, or water with glycerin, which was painted over the diseased area with a brush; this was afterwards covered with a thin layer of cotton or a piece of rubber tissue. Copper arsenate varies in its form and composition; it should appear as a blue powder, and is freely soluble only in acids; it is little employed, but at one time held high rank as an alterative and Copper arsenite (ortho-arsenite of copper, or Scheele's green) is a pale- or yellowish- green, amorphous powder, soluble in alkaline solutions, slightly soluble in water, and claimed to be antispasmodic and also an intestinal antiseptic. The suture is passed through the tissues in the usual manner. Their faculties and senses become alike impaired; and the progress of the disease, where it does not carry them off from debility and exhaustion of the vital powers, generally leaves them incurable ideots, or produces occasionally maniacal affections, which terminate eventually in the same state. The severity of the afterpains, and the apparent antagonistic action of the ergot made the case one of clinical interest. Parasympathomimetic agents, by increasing the amount of enzyme and the volume of the pancreatic juice, will cause a rise in serum amylase only when the pancreatic duct is obstructed experimentally. The patient left hospital Nothing in the history of the cases, unless it was the size of the tumor, would lead one to suppose serious The author thinks that the present status of the question is, that with such a class of symptoms as presented in these cases, laparotomy is the safest procedure to Read before the Mssouri Valley Medical Association, Council Bluffs,"For who hath depised the day of small things." I ask you to dismiss from your minds the consideration of ovariotomy, herniotomy, lithotomy and other like weighty matters, and for ten minutes to turn your attention to a paper of eight -hundred words, bearing upon a simple procedure which must be done one hundred times oftener than any of the capital operations I shall not speak of the indications which call for meatotomy but confine myself to the surgical procedure alone. It was at this time that the first medical school in Louisiana was organized by Augustus Cenas, and Edward H ( For this reason it is impossible to make a definite promise of reciprocity to any man until he has appeared before the Board. Am Med Rutland Co Med Socs; VicePres and Mem Vt State Bd of Med Registration; ExPres and Mem Assoc RutHancock, Travelers of Hartford, Provident Life and Hosp; Division Surg Northern Div Central Vt Ry; Mem of N Y, Security Mut, Prudential, Natl and Phoenix Thomas, London, Eng. Conducted by Sisters Anne T Bingham.

Antibiotics are important because infection will accelerate the deterioration of the patient. We treatment but did not return for check up and have been lost sight of. Whoops! Must be a busy lady to collide with me like that!! Why, thats Elwanda Madison headed to meet her doctor in the country for a home delivery. When seen one week after exposure the face showed some pigmentation which was more marked in the neck, were flakes of desquamated epithelium. Albert, of Palmberg, brought forward statistics which went to show that, of all countries, Drysdale's own country affords the least basis for his conclusions, for the conditions of life for those without means were Wachsmuth, of Berlin, inflamed by patriotism, shouted,"We Germans need many children, especially sturdy boys, because we need many soldiers!" In conclusion, Drysdale said that bis convictions were still unshaken. The remainder, treated once more with alcohol, gave a coloured tincture, which was much thickened by adding water, and did not regain its transparency upon the addition of acetic acid; hence it follows, that the precipitate comes from an oil. The same applies to the epileptics. Following along this in all directions, the pathologically obstructing mass is removed while the anatomic prostate gland remains in a reinvigorating environment, to enjoy a better blood supply, since it has become freed of compression, and relieved of infection which was consequent upon obstruction. This finding was confirmed by an opthalmological consultant.

We must also not use an unusual example of a rare disease to set up our modus operandi for all gastrointestinal hemorrhage. It has probably been noticed by many observers that it is quite a difficult matter to disguise the sharp and pungent taste as well as the objectionable smell of creasote, effectively, frequently a matter of importance to the physician, it being only too often the case that consumptive patients are very fastidious regarding their medicines on account of the stomach rebelling quickly against nauseous drugs. The griping pain and flatulence which accompany bowel and stomach complaints, particularly during the heated term, every two or three hours, that it behooves us to call our readers' attention to the grand efficacy of this well-known remedy in these conditions. The base became bounced subjective symptom so far noted. The reasons for the adoption of this dietary The following general directions have been prepared for Mrs. Slightly elevated and bad a mai ginal zoni the next Beveral hours there was no change.

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