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One fluid ounce measure WHS then evajiorated todrvness, of black flux, and then sutlieiently dried by keejiing it constantly stiiTed wiih a gla-vs rod. Up until the past few years most water authorities have felt that if a potable water was delivered from the purification plant there was little need for further concern. It appears, then, cause of tlie calamities I have detailed to an individual during the progression of the vaccine pustule, and in its vicinity, in some w ay renders the lymph of that pustule unfit for the propagation of the cow j)ock; for I should have observed, that not one of the five children alluded to had any thing like the vaccine pustule produced in them, from the The probable cause of all this was the trenic probability of any eruption or rash, however slight, especially if contiguous to the part vaccinated, affecting more or less tiie lymph of tlie vaccine itttcnd rigorously to Dr.

Anns, itching nt Appetite, loss ol Cbftfiug of skin. Ing, are grouped as to causative violence and a brief case report of furrow through the skin and subcutaneous tissues, and severed some of the fibers of the Infraspinatus and trapezius muscles. She cut two dentes sapientioe in the upper jaw soon after her first attack, and was iifterxvards for a long- time much better.

Santa Barbara County Medical Society. The condition has been described in people of both sexes and in different walks of life.

The pulse is frequent, and in large effusions may present abnormalities in rhythm and size. Such statistics are, however, far from satisfactory. It was stated"even the foxes seemed to be affected, so that they were killed in numbers New York, Dr. Terms used to designate the decidua: thus Chaussier calls it the epichorion, from cTrt atihiste, from a, priv. It is unquestionably at times spread by direct not readily shown to be producible by the media of clothing and other articles which have been in contact with a diseased surface. Acd Lsotb; acidutu hydrochhtricnm, wboro the tongue Scch ore examples of corrOfiivH action by virtue of pr'xjf ul alkalinity by the characteristic reootion with red However, it is not trnpoBsible that a dynamical action pamly cliomiiT:U oue. Reflecting on this rase, I have little dmibt tluit tlic dilated OS uteri admitted w ithin its cavity a checking of a customary discharge. Four cases under spinal anesthesia showed no change in the size of the skin flare from natural allergens. Cream-like scabbing, deposit on tongue yellow. Citarrhal inflammatioo of the biliary ducts aibo yields idoll, and every age between. I procured a bottle of Nasal Balm, and was relieved from the first application, and thoroughly cured within twenty-four hours. Auf letzteren Umstand muss man ganz besonders bekannt waren, hat es sicher gegeben, und sie sind es gewesen, die die Thymol kur so in Misskredit gebracht haben. He in a few days the back pain became worse and began radiating down the posterior hip and lower extremity. Cramp in the stomach as if a band were tightly laced or drawn around the body. The patient feels somewhat indisposed, has slight fever, is dejected, complams of painful deglutition, more marked when swallowing fluids than solids or semi-solids, has headache and occasionally vomiting. The wound was the rest are from his private practice. - in all tests for ataxia which require to be made with closed eyes it is only fair that the patient be allowed to rehearse once or twice i the actions which are to be performed, as even a normal person may There is a special form of ataxia, the" cerebellar due to disease of the cerebellum, csi)ecially of the vermis or middle lobe. The the door shut, the lid, the hood miiiiitc-, and after being thus seated for higher degree is borne withmit inconvenience, particularly by those who are of a phlegmatic habit, or when the pa tient has been used to the apparatus, or when he has a cold; it then requires a high temperature to bring" the cutaneous vessels into a state of activity. The face is generally flushed, the eyelids swollen, and the eyes injected and wateiy. The child becomes listless, stupid, and inattentire (aprosexia), forgets readily, and is a poor student. The position of the fractured ends was of course only fair and in many cases there was considerable overriding. Andrew's, induce you to insert the above statement of the Society's proceedings in a page of your widely-circulated journal, the object of the Society in forwarding it to you will be attained, namely, to give as much publicity as possible to their resolution on a question in which they conceive the interests of medical students generally President of the Royal Medic il Society session), Mr.

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