In one form or other ophthalmia appears every year both in Malta and Gozo, and generally commences and terminates about the same autumnal period. What happens to these young ladies? Do ill-advised faculty members force them into the less demanding and lower paying jobs? You come along way baby, but you still have a The Health Planning Council (HPC) is one of many federal agencies.

Possibly through early identification and treatment many of the subsequent disabilities can be prevented. Now, as the cure of the patient depends very largely upon an early diagnosis by the physician, it would seem wise to discard the term,"exophthalmic," at all events in connection with the earlier symptomatology of the disease. To discover that the last stone has escaped, to demonstrate in malignant disease that nothing remains to be done, these truths surely justify the slight risks of exploration. Which of us, remembering this, can fail to point with pride to the throngs of men and women walking out of our surgical wards cured of appendicitis. In the majority of males, more especially at first, it produces the triple condition of irritability of the neck of the bladder, spasm of the deep urethral muscles and at the same time atony of the bladder muscles. This institution had languished somewhat for several years. Both sedatives and mucilaginous substances can be employed, then, to check the excessive amount of coughing over and above that required to relieve the lungs and bronchial tubes of their accumulated mucus. You are, therefore, thrown on the clinical aspects of the case for your decisive diagnosis." It is not necessary here to give later details of this case. " In most cases, calomel was given from the commencement in repeated doses of three or four grains, which generally kept up an easy action in the bowels; or, if not sufficient for that purpose, it was combined with a few grains of cathartic extract, the mouth became affected by it early, I think the results were always favourable; but if, before this event, the symptoms shewed a determination to go on, mercurial frictions were had recourse to, and the ptyalism established as early as possible. He was an enthusiastic partisan of the glory of the ancients, or perhaps envious of that of moderns, he fought with ardor against the great discoveries of his time, such as the circulation of the blood by Harvey, and that of Pecquet on the lymphatic system. The first step, it appears to me, ought to be a determination of its physiological action, and this, so far as experiment and observation have yet gone, points to its OBSERVATIONS TO DETERMINE THE ANTAGONISM BETWEEN CHLORAL In five experiments on as many rabbits, fatal doses of the extract of Calabar bean were injected hypodermically, after the full effect of chloral was produced, with a view of determining how far the poisonous influence of the former was counteracted by the latter. This excavation is in those shelving cliffs which incline a little from south to north, and have hitherto suffered no change, but have remained exactly as if this, in part, circular space had been the On examining the state of the lower ranges of rock, I remarked, that they were corroded in the same manner as the others exposed to the fury of the waves. (k) Offering, undertaking, or agreeing to treat or cure a disease or condition by a secret means, method, device, or instrumentality; or refusing to divulge to the board upon demand the means, method, device, or instrumentality used in the treatment of a disease or (l) Representing that a manifestly incurable disease or condition can be or will be permanently cured; or that a curable disease or condition can be cured within a stated time, if such is not the fact. Even here cases where llicre has liecii perfectly well with a properly applied bandage, being able to ward ofl inj threatening attaol - bj proper postural position ami massage. Dr Duchenne is inclined to place the seat of the disease in the vaso-motor nerves, and states that he cannot conceive of the production of such an increase of connective tissue, unless the vaso-motor nerves are involved and paralyzed. The question of drainage was also discussed. Wounds healed in four weeks j thrombosis of posterior saphenous and crural vein; recovery with useful limb and somewhat limited mobility of joint, after six months. Perhaps he had encountered very rebellious cases at the outset. As soon as I arrived I gave hypodermically one-quarter grain of sulph.

Peter Harvey the Free Hospital tor Women receives a bequest of a cure for yellow fever, reached New York from the United States authorities at Havana, declaring that when he went there he was told that he could treat four persons bitten by infected mosquitoes, but that later the arrangement was changed, so that he was able to treat only one. He had him,"Don't leave Munich without vis iting Voit and Pettenkofer's laboratory," and he saw there what he proceeded to demonstrate. Asafcetida is a feeble carminative, circulatory and nervous stimulant, and antispasmodic:

Board certified or eligibie oncologist to practice in areas of greater than one million. In solution it is a sedative, antacid, slightly astringent, and like other alkalies assists in the solution of mucus.

For the space of about a day, these fingers were so contracted that he could not straighten what he called" rheumatism in the arms." man, of a spare build, and without any colour in his face. It is difficult to recall a description of the operation which is at A text-book on physiology presenting clearly and in detail not only its avowed subject, but also the underlying and associated sci ences of anatomy, chemistry, and physics, is something of a novelty.

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