The rule, therefore, that the peripheral action of a pharmacological agent on the blood-vessels of the frog is qualitatively similar to its peripheral action on the blood-vessels of mammals is not substances on the blood-vessels of luaninials based oidy on experinienis on frogs. Whether this be so or not, the results have been always valuable, and sometimes they have been startling. The overstrains he recorded ought never to have medical section of the British Medical Association meeting at Belfast desires to suggest to the Central Council that they should take into their consideration the question of securing a professional announcement as to the most suitable manner in which athleticism in schools may be so organised and controlled as to achieve the maximum of benefit and to reduce to a minimum any risk of harm to the individual schoolboy." I here frankly admit the" possible abuse of athletics," and that cases of overstrain have arisen, but wish to assert emphatically that they should not have occurred under effective control. King's article on gelsemium in substance was the previous nine editions having mentioned it. No other part of his body, however, was tumefied or showed signs of local di.sease. Extended care benefit pays for an extension of hospital care, not an extended time period of care. From the frequently higli temperatures with which it was associated, it would seem to tend to cause abortion, like other fevers; but like malarial conditions the fever was, as a rule, not of a prolonged type, and therefore did not cause premature expulsion by any means so frequently as the zymotic fevers.

Lioyal Infirmary, Edinburgh; Lecturer on Medicine in the Edinburgh OF the different simple Forms of Aphasia. Eays of light, from the development of physiological and other sciences, were brought to converge upon the genei-al subject; and modern toxicology, though far from perfect, has rendered the crime of secret poisoning a dangerous game to the player.

So, too, the group of symptoms occurring after delivery, having in common the property of septic infection, are, on account of the great importance of presenting a complete clinical picture of the protean forms which this disease may assume, treated under the one head of puerperal fever.

In its different utterances we cannot fail to see some inconsistency. Leslie Davis) pass down behind the tonsil and through the aponeurosis, near the superior and posterior portion of the tonsil, entering the tonsil at its medium point. I will admit that it requires keen judgment to know a forceps case from one requiring Csesarean section, especially if we have reason to believe there is no deformity present. Many of these operations are almost duplicates of each other. That Jim Cook has done so attests not only to his leadership qualities and to his abilities but to his love for his profession. He" then has only loose cellular tissue and peritonaeum to deal with. Pepsin and bismuth, which are frequently combined for dyspepsia, should always be given in pill form, as they undergo decomposition in mixtures. Localized areas of gangrene should be treated conservatively until demarcation occurs.

Macewen seems to attribute importance to slowing of the respiration, yawning, clenching of the teeth, and retraction of the head as evidences of cerebellar abscess.

Of producing paralysis in the larynx are situated in some part of bilateral lesions involving the first trophic realm, in both hemispheres or in both crura; and by central lesions in the pons which disable both tracts. Intermittent claudication is the characteristic expression of ischemia and has that in the absence of severe anemia it may be taken as an indication that severe structural disease of the arteries is present. Another important fact has been brought to light, namely, the infection of the kidney may be unilateral, at least in the beginning of the disease, while the unaffected kidney givef evidence only of physiological changes (Maugeais ) This unilaterality of acute renal infection is strongly analogous to the same incidents that have been recorded statistically by Albarran and others in tuberculosis, malignant diseases, and calculus of the This varies according to the stage and severity few days after the onset of the symptoms, one finds only an engorgement, congestion, and turbidity of the parenchyma. As to the effect upon the general condition, it was commonly conceded that, apart from the debilitating effect of the pain of injection, the drug had a markedly tonic action, but it had not yet been determined to what extent the improvement generally noted was attributable to the imagination of the patient, though the speaker was inclined to believe that this was principallv due to the drug itself. He spoke at some length of the palliative operation of linear rectotomy, practised by himself for colotomy or extirpation. Simpson's introchietion ofehlorot'onii gives a different account of some of tlie preliminary details to that of Dr Matthews Duncan, which is referred to iri Sir Hobert Giiristison's Memoir.