The Tubingen faculty of that time was relatively strong in the humanities and in theology, but weaker in science and especially medicine.

Operation or exploratory incision was refused at the time of the making of the diagnosis. There appears to have been some participation in extracurricular activities by Albrecht since his Tagebuch mentions money lost in gambling.

Gruel, the decoction of mallows, broth, or milk with some honey, will answer the purpose very well; but more permanent good will be derived by using afterwards the infusion of chamomile, or the old decoction pro fotu, which, by gently stimulating the torpid surface of the bowel, may bring on a proper contraction of its coats. Christie, witli Roche and other French of the system of which symptoms are the signs; and if we can proceed through the medium of these signs and post-mortem appearances, to one sole change in one organ, the treatment is simplified, and science and art are gainers. It is equally adapted to the protracted dysentery so often met witn in hot climates, and fcf Three grains of calomel, two of ipecac, and one of opium, a teaspoonful of oil, is a good proportion of the remedies. James Gregory used to apply to such follies, as a jjitiable proof of the ignorance and credulity of mankind. It should be borne in mind that the subcutaneous inoculation of guinea pigs with cattle feces can not be regarded as a delicate test for the presence of tubercle bacilli, and this is to nearly the same extent true of material scraped from the rectal mucosa, which is composed largely of feces.

The flap is then drawn through a slit in the psoas or quadratus muscle, whichever one may choose, and is there secured in place. Only of late, through the efforts of Dr. We note with much pleasure good chapters on blood and on diagnostic technique of examination of stomach-contents.

These societies handle systematically and very effectively the great masses of the poor.

These are deepened to the base of the the neck of the sac the aponeurotic structures are hernia at the "" neck are divided in a circular manner and the hernial contents are exposed. This is true of the very first report presented by Baginsky to the Berlin Medical Society.

The distinction is not always easy.

When the blisters are fully risen, they are snipped with a pair of scissors, which allows the serum to escape; and if it be intended that the part should heal, it is dressed with simple ointment spread on a linen rag. There is no secret about the remedy, as the complete formula is given, and the ingredients are all known to be of Recently investigators have succeeded in preparing a compound of guaiacol that is readily soluble in water, free from the taste and odor of the latter, non-toxic, and extremely assimible. Tuberculosis and syphilis may be eliminated by the tuberculin test and large doses of potassium iodid. Six to ten grains of a.etate of zinc, in four ounces of rose water, applied Twelve grains of suzar of lead, dissolved in six ounces of spring water, with the aclditioL of a tabiespoonful of distilled vinegar, is a stimulating The quantity of sugar of lead may be increased if necessary. In medication given in large and prolonged doses, does no harm to the economy if it did no good.

It is claimed to relieve spastic and congested conditions by its relaxing influence on the utero-ovarian circulation. Glossopharyngeal I Sensation and taste Fourth ventricle. Although an important factor, the environment, occupation, and physique of the applicant are of even greater importance. Sometimes suppressed and ungratified sexual desire has not a little to do with this condition. With a saturated solution of boracic acid thoroughly cleanse the rectum, using a syringe or otherwise, and then immediately inject every tumor in sensitive to the prick of the needle. Adult and old persons comparatively require but a small proportion of aliment, unless the nutritive movement be accelerated by violent Those who advocate the exclusive value of animal food, and deny the utility of its admixture with vegetable matter, adduce in support of their system the rude health and Herculean strength of our hardy ancestors. From this time the boy has proceeded toward recovery An examination of the specimen shows superficial destruction of the bone at the uppermost part of the neck. An acid saline is then administered, after which bile usually begins to flow.

It may arise at all times of the year; bnt the Spring and them to exposures to great heat and cold, are particularly Obstructed perspiration, occasioned by wearing wet clothes, lying in damp linen, sleeping on the ground, or in damp cellars or basements, or by being exposed to cool air when the body room into the cool air, the causes which usually produce Rheumatism. A simple calculation shows that the mortality amounted to one in two hifndred and one and a fraction of the whole population in which the disease prevailed; that of Sunderland was as one to about a hundred and fifteen of its population; that of Bishopwearmouth as one to seven hundred and six, and exclusive of Ayre's Quay, as one to somewhat more than one thousand; and that of Monkwearmouth as one to three hundred There is nothing very alarming in such a rate of mortality as we have described; it is high on the number attacked, but low on the amount of population: and the former circumstance and the rapidity of the disease will probably be found to constitute its most appalling features, if its course elsewhere in this country resemble that observed here. We are very fortunate out ox teams are infested with ticks? I can not see how it would work any hardship upon the parties who own these infested ox teams to prohibit their moving while infested, because it is no more trouble to clean them than it is to curry horses.

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