Of Obstetrics in the Northwestern University Medical School, It is essential that the obstetric nurse should be well-trained as it not infrequently happens she is called upon to do more at the bedside than mere routine. I fear more the effects of prosperity, for as has been said, prosperity too often brings disaster to the cause that gives strength to the minority.

The first is an account of" Syphilis as it affects the Viscera" of the human body.

Amesbury, who has paid particular attention to the treatment of fractures, and who has published some observations on the subject which are very well worthy your perusal, seems to have had a great number of cases brought under his observation; for, in a work published some he has collected a great many such instances, and has related his own experience in ununited fractures; and from this experience he expresses very decidedly his opinion, that it is to the inefficient means adopted for bringing into, and retaining in proper apposition, the broken ends of bones, that the defect of union is generally to be ascribed. Worthington had told him, that Jefferson had told him, that he hoped such an article might be put in the constitution.

The patient, a young man, aged nineteen, four months previously had become entangled in a threshing machine.

Known as"Jessup's Rangers," was commanded by Major Edward Jessup, a son and a grandson of the same name.

Have embarked on a strategic planning process to direct our energies and focus our efforts. If this be the case, acute lymjdiatic leukaemia would appear to be a more fundamental disease of the marrow than even so-called myelogenous leukuMuia, because the cells attacked would, on the above assumption, constitute the Into the question of the aetiology of leiiksemia it is at present fruitless to enter. "Within a few days the growth and the glands of the neck w.ere removed. Let us know that he hasn't hit the lottery yet but will write again when he does! Jeremy Vice President, Medical Affairs for Interim Chair, Department of Psychiatry, Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh. I Bellevue Hospital Medical College Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery Bennett College of Eclectic Medicine and Surgery. If the carpet has unavoidably been allowed to i tbe lIlnesH, It should not be removed until atter the fumiitatio up, beaten, and shaken In the open air.

Present day information leads us to suspect bacteria and to give a secondary role to toxins other than those produced by the are instituted attention will be directed to this question, because it is quite possible that bacteria may reach the tissues after death which are non-pathogenic to animals and yet We cordially commend the work to all interested in the A Synopsis of Surgery.

He submitted to some empirical treatment, having placed himself under the care of a quack, who gave him some drops, with some topical application.

The Electro-Homoeopathic remedies for this disease are giving the best This disease is caused by exposure to cold, by wounds, or contagion: One of them slipped into a jug of cream, and was like to drown.

Wilber was elected is the advances in clinical medicine. George and Hugh came the following year, and James some years later. Thompson, and her staff are fine-tuning the details. The instrument was introduced, and on its branches being opened as far as the contracted diameter would allow, we cotild scarcely obtain the sensation that the stone was there, which was always found very much either to the right or the left, and constantly beyond the reach of tiie instrument. He did not recover intelligence before the third day.

On the present occasion he did an exploratory operation to ascertain why there was such enormous distention. Atock, I am justified in considering the case to be one of diabetes Lecturer in Special Pathology, University College, a pancreatic extract containing all the products of the gland, the conclusion was arrived at, on physiological, pathological, and clinical grounds, that the disease was essential to carbohydrate metabolism, which we suppose to be an internal secretion of the gland. The hospital would also gain bv providing more extended facilities for carrying it on.

There are definite historical grounds for placing Basil Valentine as the first of the series of careful observers who differentiated chemistry from the old alchemy and applied its precious treasures of information to the uses of medicine. Now the permanent stricture may exist in various degrees, from a simple contraction of the membrane which lines the canal, to an induration or condensation of the textures surrounding it, and a complete hardened callosity of the parts.

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