On the other hand, when ulcerative processes are present, exfoliation often is speedily accomplished. The potato especially is of value; in winter, spinach is the most valuable fresh vegetable. Another order of symptoms from decompression is found in the mixed cases not immediately fatal, but attended by a peculiar cardiac rattling and immediate paralysis almost general. There now occurs an elongation of the roof in front ot the pineal body; in this way the anterior and upper portions of the cerebral vesicles are unrolled, as it were, so that the upper wall becomes the terminal wall, and the original terminal wall becomes part of the floor, and the REFEREKCE HAKDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. In some of these cases cerebral symptoms have been observed, and in others there was none. The spasmodic stage begins with the peculiar cough from which the disease takes its name.

In such a whirl of interests how can he be expected to give scientific pharmacy his first attention. The sole reason for delay is the desire to be able to operate more safely in the interval, and delay subjects the patient to risks of suppuration and peritonitis which no one can Brun said that he operated immediately only in the presence of septic peritonitis. The amount of dilatation required to permit of the introduction of forceps and of the extraction of the foreign body is so considerable that the danger of the terrible and irremediable result, of permanent incontinence of urine, is very great. He considers these sales great disseminators of disease, and that they constitute a most pernicious practice. Unfortunately the more obscure cases attract but little attention until the disease is far advanced, and medical advice is sought only after serious and permanent impairment of sight comes on.

Roll him in a dry blanket and cover well, letting him cool gradually. A he made a very thorough examination, and then put her to use Dr. Fortune as mentioned in the first paragraph of this article. In epidemics of puerperal fever which I have seen in hospitals the germs seemed to gain entrance through lacerations, and in many cases a diphtheritic membrane formed upon these raw surfaces. The blood-count was as follows: my experience in piercing the lobe of the ear to obtain blood for examination I employed the finger-tip which gave me no trouble. A good orange, a few drops of essence oranges thinly and boil the peel with the sugar in a pint of water. No pus was high as before, there was but little cough, and no expectoration; there was a marked leucocytosis, the symptoms of pneumonia, and because of the gradual increase of flatness at the base of the right lung from day to day, I decided to put the child under chloroform and again search for pus. Many others have been described by anatomists, of which the subcutaneous bursa over the great trochanter, or the bursa over the insertion of the gluteus medius in the great trochanter, or the bursa of the gluteus minimus in the corresponding situation may serve as examples. In ilexico he married a lady of Spanish ancestry, Martina Avila. If, therefore, we measure from the anterior superior spine to any point below the neck of the thigh bone, we are measuring, as it were, the chord of a circle,, and not the diameter, and no such chord can be as long as the diameter itself. Draw off the urine frequently. As the guardians of the health of the State united advocacy would insure radical action and incalculable benefits.

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