Eelation of tbe effects of a Styptic lately. The sessile tumoiu-s arc infiltrating carcinomata, the surface of the tumour may be covered with short villi giving the familiar cauliflower appearance or it may be smooth, or ulcerated and necrosed. As is well known, it is capable of dissolving in physiological solution under the influence of a current of carbonic gas. For some years there has been no alteration in his personal appearance, and it is therefore presumed there will be no future increase of growth. In this issue we present another which will be found not only interesting, but to contain an account of the native method of radically curing hernia which we think has never yet appeared in any scientific publication: calendario. While the progress has consisted partly- in opening up such lands as are not highly cultivated to people who can cultivate them, its chief progress has been in the improvement of man's methods of cultivating the soil and of using plants and animals to support his ever-increasing numbers.

In certain diseases it is inadmissible, even though there may exist the state of things just described. The two parts appeared almost in juxtaposition. 'What Gordon Hell thouglil about it,' was the final or jirophetic prognosis came perhaps from a recollection of a smiilar condition a quarter century ago. If you succeed in contacting the physician, call back one more time; you may have been speaking to an accomplice down the street. The past decade has been marked by great advance in the conception of functional disease but it is to the great war, just passed, tliat we can attribute the revolutionary conception that has taken place in this domain of medicine. There are also small abscesses from infection of the perivascular spaces.

But though in theory this distinction esami is made, in practice it is found that the one seldom exists without the other being developed to a greater or less extent.

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Elemeutorun Myologisa specimen sen musculi descriptio Dissertatio de Cerebri Anatome; Latine e G-allico, opera G-. I have seen one case in the aqueduct of Sylvius, and one case of cord blocking.

Andrew's to the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty s Treasury. Translations: Milller on Cancer; Naegele on Obstetric West (E.

Because the ill-advised use of radium has done harm, let us not deny its extraordinary power for good when properly employed.

Infection was obvious although localized in the tumour area.

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