This being the case, we owe a debt of gratitude to the author for giving us this book, which contains, besides a list of the minei-al springs and health reports of California, as indicated in the title, much useful information iibout the medicinal use and therapeutic actions of the waters, uses Appended is a list of the prii.cipal springs of Europe, Canada and the various States in the Union, with a chemical analysis of each. There is a disposition in some quarters to withhold the diagnosis of pernicious anemia, except in suah cases as present the blood-count of a most extreme anemia, while, on the other hand, some others are inclined to make the diagnosis when the blood-count and the general condition of the patient are seemingly but slightly affected and when few large megalocytes and possibly megaloblasts have been discovered. We have been successful, in the majority of our cases, in relieving the pain without the use of narcotics.

Tetany can be treated with calcium salts injected subcutaneously and feeding calcium chloride preparations. This rarely occurs in pleuritic efllisions after the first few days. These are two characteristic cases illustrating the position that a surgeon very often determine, although, no doubt the patient would have had a better chance. Funeral services The New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital, New York City. The cough and expectoration yielded as if by magic; she had absolutely no cough after the second day. He had been County Physician Physicians and Surgeons in New York City in the Faculty of the University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College the following minute was entered on the records:"The members of the Faculty realize with deep regret their great loss in the death of their late colleague, Professor professional career has shed luster on the calling of his choice and on the medical school to which, at its birth, he plighted his earnest support, and which he sustained with loyal vigor until his death.

Patient lived thirty-six hours after the operation; there seemed to be paralytic intestinal obstruction, as no flatus was passed.

W'ished in this particular discu-ssion w'as not so much to discuss the details of the gallbladder syndrome, but more to emphasize the importance of having the patient wUo has been deemed fit for surgical removal of the gall-bladder turned back to the internist following operation. - it has been known for some years that the large majority of patients suffering from enteric fever discharge large numbers of the bacilli of Eberth in their urine. Hasseltine, Hermon E., Assistant Surgeon. The operation was followed by the subsidence of the local symptoms and by the speedy establishment of the process of repair. The wisest rule in charging for your services is to do your work well, then ask, even from the beginning of your career, exorbitantly high, like an extortioner, nor absurdly low. Any noise which would prevent one from hearing when there is some obstruction to the breathing, will prevent the proper precautions being taken in time to avoid struggling, etc. I might say here that never under any circumstances do I feel the need of the patented silver preparations.

The part lying within the solution in the bottle during the administration of hour, a negligible amount. At from some experiments regarding the causation, as follows: dogs, chickens), but the dog and the hen are most susceptible. To facilitate our work among the natives we adopted the following method. It is not an unusual thing for the affection to be bilateral. These children have grown old and it is since they were born that we have learned more about it. Internally turpentine, acetate of lead, and dilute sulphuric acid are recommended, and the following: Three to ten drops in water, three times a day, has proven useful in the author's cases. Independent of the degradation you would feel, it would not pay to trust, for business, to tricks of any kind, for the veil that covers such methods is generally too thin to hide the motive It is very natural to expect your near medical neighbors to pay you a visit of courtesy after you commence practice, or change to a new location, for the purpose of establishing mutual amity and brotherly feelings, whether previously acquainted or not; but if they fail to do so, it should not be construed as discourtesy or ill-will, for it may be due to their feeling of doubt concerning your being a regular physician; or they may deem it your duty to call on them first, to announce your intention to practice in their locality, and to tell of your honorable business hopes and ethical intentions, and of your desire to be recognized as one of the number of regulars, and to ask for kindly, courteous treatment in return; or they may wish time to scrutinize your principles, or your character, or your conduct, qualifications, temper, etc.

Also, when possible, try to change the form of your prescription from pills to powders, or from liquids to capsules, or from sweet to bitter, and vice versa, for those who A good plan to pursue with patients who need the prolonged benefit of two different medicines, when it would be too much to give them at alternating hours every day, is to use one to-day and the other to-morrow; for instance, if a nervine and a tonic are prescribed separately, let them take full doses of the nervine on Monday and full doses of the tonic on Tuesday, nervine on Wednesday, tonic on Thursday, etc Almost any patient can and will alternate thus without tiring. The inoculation of animals with tuberculous matter shows that tlie disease is produced in some species of animals much more readily than in other species, and some animals of the same species much more than others are susceptible to this contagium. Both forms cause local pains, but in the mediastinal variety the pain is very deep and perceptible at the middle of the sternum, and is increased by the respiratory movements. According to other views, there may be a constant discharge of the liquid contents into the duodenum, solid particles remaining behind. First there was the insidious onset of the disease.