It must be noted, however, that the patients on whom they experimented, had been subjected to no surgical intervention, whatever.

If you can suggest any remedy through The JOURNAL, you will be a benefactor. We may have been the subjects of their gibes, and wit, and the traduction of our motives, but we have survived, and are"in health," and at We hope our journal will live, though it may not"flourish like the green bay tree." We have received expressions of thanks, voluntarily tendered, from some of the first medical men in this state, and out of it, for our course on this subject.

The recommendation was made further that the position of general director be abolished, and that the members of the medical and resident staffs and their subordinates be independent of the authority of the secretary, but responsible to a resident medical superintendent, to be appointed.

For this reason and because I feel that I have already trespassed on your patience longer than I had any right to do, I must omit any reference to the habits of culex fasciatiis, or of the thermal influences concerned in the propagation of this mosquito, both of which are of much importance in connection with the subject under consideration. The average in the bile from the gall bladder is darker and more viscid than that from the ducts. Chronic I'heumatism that confined his activities to crutches. But for the gene held a place in the Materia Medica down to a very late period. He thought that from a scientific standpoint drugs have been undulj' discredited. (i, xi.) Of course the article we have been treating of will be recognised as being the Cassia fistula h,, the puddingpipe tree, or purging cassia. This was also thirteen months in the Victoria General Hospital, Halifax, where she received her full share of she returned to her home in the same condition Dining these years at home, she neither walked, nor attempted to walk, nor did she even lift her head from the pillow. The importance of an early diagnosis is evident, for it is admitted that success in treatment bears an inverse ratio to the previous continuance area of skull may cause a fracture with only momentary displacement with a rupture of a meningeal artery, or a which may lead to a fracture without displacem.ent and hemorrhage does not.

Children thus fed before and after birth will have good constitutions, other things being equal, which is a great thing to have in such a world adopt the views which the writer thinks are correct, handled by prophylactic and post-phylactic feeding as a foundation, then will their ethics include a regulation of the diet of women even before their birth.

Nothing relieved the distressing symptoms so satisfactorily as an emetic of ipecac, and seneka. Whatever may be the resemblance between various other morbid deposits, when in a state of degenerative change, and tubercle, in their typical condition, all of them can be distinguished from tubercle, and vice versa. The diagnosis might be summed up as true rheumatism having permanent cardiac lesions and transitory' joint trouble, and osteoarthritis having rheumatoid arthritis, although he granted that in old people the disease was osteal rather than synovial; that in children there was fever, but not in old persons; also that in them there were glandular affections. Arthur Wynne Foot, of Dublin, fills IS pages with a that the starting point is in the medulla oblongata, near the of the vagus. Zederbaum says that these abnormal mental conditions are easily referable to disturbed circulation through the brain. Indeed, the genera of this tribe of plants are still with difficulty distinguished from Granum tinctorium, is desiccative without pungency.

Some of the berries, found in the pocket of one of the boys, were sent to Philadelphia and were identified as moon seed (menispermum canadense). He was examined by one of the associate surgeons in the orthopaedic department who found that there was a scoliosis with a convexity to the right in the lower dorsal region and that the left scapula was elevated and prominent. Several visits may be necessary to establish a diagnosis, and when ordered by the clinic staff, no additional charge will be made for such visits. But the pressure of the instrument against this obstruction occasioned no pain whatever, which would not have been the case had an inflammatory swelling existed sufficiently near the urethra to encroach upon the diameter of that canal. The experiment, therefore, only requires the common action of the The experiment itself answered my expectation. The renal degenerations are practically unknown. Two weeks after her discharge from the hospital the seizures gradually began to return, at first one or so a day, and when last I heard from her about one month ago, she was having two attacks per hour. Obscure cases of abnormally low blood pressure have been found to be due to a focal infection in the sinuses, and in two cases of bronchial a.shma I was able to give relief by The diagnosis of sinusitis is in some cases very simple, while in others only repeated examination by an experienced rhinologist will suffice to reach a conclusion. Let us consider more in detail the proposed procedure and the possible dangers attending it. I do not know of a single successful irregular practitioner within the bounds of the society: The number remaining in the house was forty-six; of which, thirty-one were whites, and fifteen blacks. There was no epithelial surface engaged, and there were consequently no compound cells.

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