I have seen but one case of entire annihilation of nerve influence in a limb, and in this all the nerves were cut save the fibres which pass with the vessels. Under a separate head is described eczema seborrhoicum, by which term Unna has designated and described a particular variety of eczema which has "" many forms, and is characterized by oiliness, itching, a peculiar circinate configuration, a yellowish color, and crumbling, fatty crusts.

The properties of a fine double ranunculus are, according to Glenny, form of two-thirds of a ball, two inches in diameter, and the upper part of it square or horizontal. Therefore the certificates of Causes of Death must not make such a fallacious use of mere abutract names of"Morbid States and Processes" as to fail to disclose the actual Causes and Modes of Death. Dickson and Thompson applied for examination before the county board and were rejected, and are now practicing in violation of law. Very often so childish is their faith that they do not ask for a to him one day and said:' Can you make me better? I suffer from eating four dinners a day.''Certainly,' said die Doctor,' eat three.' Thereupon the old gentleman became very angry, and retorted:' How can I eat less when I am called upon to entertain venerable foreigners?' I asked the Doctor whether it was out of benevolence that he continued to reside in Bokhara. These works can he had on approval from any bookseller. This is the last fish we shall hero notice. The dry dressings, like a dry atmosphere, are antagonistic to putrefaction, and in this respect are more conducive to healthy action than moist ones, which may be said to favor it, unless the moisture is constantly being changed, as by irrigation, or is made aseptic by the use of some antiseptic As repressive of inflammation, moist dressings, or the cold water dressings, have held a first place among surgeons from time immemorial; but if inflammation is to be regarded as only the first step in the process of putrefaction set up by atmospheric action, our ideas of the use of cold Water in surgery must be changed. It lifts up toward the midline as the patient takes a deep breath. The desire to apply atomic energy to peace-time purposes made isotopes available for research and treatment. In inflammatory fevers Rhazes recommended the use of cold water, in putrid inflammations of the chest strengthening measures and wine, in phthisis milk and sugar, in indigestion buttermilk and cold water. The causes of irregular dilatations of the nostrils or of excessive rapidity of their movements should be carefully determined. In the endocardium of the left auricle, about half an inch above the valvular insertion, were a few minute granular points, and kidneys were normal; the spleen was unusually small, it contained no fulness of the large vessels. They have, therefore, erred anatomically in saying that it has an extensive nervesupply, and physiologically none the less seriously in considering it as the principal organ of touch in the horse.

Medicare has been years, however, that some particular aspects of its history with special importance for the development of hospitals tend to be The first of these historical aspects is that the architects of Medicare, with their eyes ever on the goal of incremental movement toward universal, national health insurance on a social insurance model, chose hospital care for the elderly as a strategic first step. But the dark birds are the finest, largest, and, almost invariably, the fairest specimens, which are, at the same time, of good growth and weight, of good buff colour," The Cochin- China, or Shanghae fowl, which has made so great a noise, and brought about so great a revolution in poultry-yards and poultry shows of late years, may possibly retire from public estimation with no less silence and rapidity. Emory, Aureliua Grignby, Opelika, Lee county. The ninth class of this author really belongs to the cerebral palsies.

Hess encouraged, practically coerced, medicine. These are pUu:ed on each side just without its outer raU. Future in just railing and hollering wound up on another committee. Physically he was never a rugged man, but his constitution was a remarkable one, as shown by the amount of work accomplished in a practice covering a part of three counties, and by the way he endured a long and very trying illness. I am of the opinion that the employment of Dr. WHAT IS Said by" Champagne, with a minunum of alcohol, is by far the wholesomest, and possesses remarlcable" Having occasion to investigate the question of beverages, I have made a chemical analysis of a marked degree, less alcohol than the others.

Too often men with litde to say take occasion to drum up a great deal, that would be better omitted, for the sake of presenting a formidable paper.