Among the peasant classes of Italy, Greece, the Balkan States, and Germany, where the diet consists mainly of coarse foods, vegetables and fruits, but where free sugar is a luxury and cannot be indulged in, decayed teeth are the exception and not the rule. Syphilis calls for special treatment, while chronic bone infections demand appropriate surgical measures. This new outbreak has caused some uneasiness in the public mind, as it suggests that the health authorities are not completely in control of the situation. Mills the condition was one of irritation at a higher level and so arresting the reflex. On the seventh day he was worse again; this was found to be due to pressure of the dressing. Before you graduate you will have had many opportunities of becoming acquainted with what has been the progress of medical science.

Cabell's report, as will be seen in the Transactions of the Association, and in the summary as quoted by the N. In cases where the tonsils remain enlarged I always advise having them specially treated for a reduction in size, or a or it may become serious and end in consumption. Originally described as bruits de souffle, they are now commonly called murmurs or bruits, and it will be convenient to divide them into two classes: (a) those which are due to disease at the valvular orifices, and or obstruction of a cardiac orifice, such as is produced by vegetations on the valves, or by union of the valves together, will produce vibrations in the currents of blood forced through them.

A very unsavory state of affairs is revealed, both as regards French politics, petticoats, and the moving force behind it all, money. Senn says he has been able to make a correct diagnosis in several cases of obscure abdominal tumors by resorting to rectal and stomach inflation with hydrogen gas, which otherwise would have needed an exploratory laparotomy. He admitted that a few years of Latin and Greek study do not suffice to accomplish the intended purpose of introducing the scholar to the beauties of ancient literature in the original, but he did insist on the importance of some form of literary education, nay regarded this as indispensable.

Where the bronchi are partially obstructed with secretion, air may be drawn into the alveoli against the obstruction during inspiration, but cannot get out again during expiration, so that the alveoli are permanently distended. Pyrexia faepius maligna, quandoque lenta. He said that some twenty years ago surgeons began to perform these operations by the open method. The symptoms in the case which made the existence of stone probable were the severe and sudden attacks of pain, followed by sudden relief, the course of the pain and the after-continuous pain referred to the region of the left kidney; also the severe pain felt on deep pressure over the region of the kidney. A high and somewhat forcibly retained half-gallon enema of water, with essence of peppermint, afforded no real improvement. But one asks after reading the explanations given here and elsewhere in the book, Is this view any more than one aspect of change position, will not the subject appear dififerently? Does this rank as one of the" eternal verities," and if so in what sense? It is somewhat strange that Spencer should have done more for this age in one respect than any other man in pointing out the limit of human knowledge and in showing that many conceptions, real as we think, attaching to certain terms, are absolutely unthinkable at all, and so tend to make men humble, and at the same time that he should build up a system of philosophy implying almost audacious self-confidence. Tion almost exclusively of the endothelial cells lining the capillaries of: the glomeruli.

The urine is highly colored, containing albumin and waxy casts; an enlarged tuberculosis, syphilis, cancer, and bone infections.

They are hoarseness or loss of voice, occasionally cough in painful, though the absence of pain when not swallowing is remarkable. The foetus rests on the posterior wall of the uterus; a part of the contraction is expended in raising and carrying it towards the orifice and in depressing the uterus in the pelvis; the expulsive agency of the contraction is therefore somewhat diminished.

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