One layer of gauze is then placed over the injured part and then another layer of melted paraffin is either sprayed or painted over the gauze. Over which the epidermis splits, leaving bare a raspberry-like tumour which remains stationary for months with a yellowish discharge, not painful, and tending to spontaneous cure without scarring unless ulcerated from irritation or defective health, should afford sufficiently characteristic features to distinguish frambcesia or yaws from other diseases. During expiration, blood-pressure is increased, more blood flows into the right heart, stasis being removed, while expectoration is promoted. The appeal was directed to the public in general, but it must have had particular significance for the medical men of congenital dislocation of the hip, but for his splendid service to both humanity and the profession thruout his long and honorable career.

I thought about talking about some notably the cost of medical care, and Krumholz said he'd cover issues. Davol Rubber Company One section of our large display room in Bridgeport Social Security Bill Passes: Disability Section had written into it a new section on disability which in effect postpones final decision on this controversial question until next year. This was successful in preventing the cough. A patient showing both habituation to alcohol and to barbiturates will usually compensate for his inability to drink by increasing his intake of barbiturates ( The above are suggestive only, and may be arranged by the physician to meet the indications or suit the convenience of the patient. We pledge our continuous encouragement of improved methods of assuring health Statement On Health Insurance by General Dwight D. As in other diseases, so here, a dangerous toxemic condition would appear to be an indication for free alcoholic be regarded as preventive or restorative, according to the stage of the injury. Sometimes this procedure is not enough, and at times decapitation is impossible. These pass away, and after, it may be, a long series of years, we encounter the tertiary nodes which are asymmetrical, and which persist unless cured by treatment. There is always a marked polynuclear The liver, spleen, and kidneys are enlarged, and their congestion is on account of the increased functionality demanded for the reduction and elimination of the infected blood corpuscles. The dorsal vein of the clitoris courses proximalward between the two dorsal arteries to the space between the pubic arch and subpubic ligament, which it pierces, and terminates in the vesicle plexus. When the eye is directed inwards so as to be in a line with the tendon of the superior oblique, it acts as a simple depressor, the twisting component is nil, and the false image due to its paralysis is erect. Mortalit)and fear are the great levelers in this waiting room. As for the logical distinction with regard to treatment between the open and closed cases: in the first place, there is no question that"open" cases must be isolated at home, in a hospital or in a sanitorium, and for the protection of the public at large, such isolation should be rightly enforced.

But the results of cauterization do not encourage the belief that any other method of destruction would be more successful. Also the cultures were negative. The mtevnal treatment will vary much according to the special indications. It is, however, stated that Crile's results are encouraging, though the number of his cases is too small to allow of a very definite judgment. Several large hemorrhages and a few small round diabetic hemorrhages were present.

SFG HERS printed on neck strap and branded on every cork See t hat the cork seal is not b roken. The nervine tonics, such as gold, arsenic, iron, quinine, etc., are constantly prescribed by me. Practically none went less than Cross packages at Christmas the symptom disappeared.

Very professional job. Thanks again Dave

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