There is usually a short, dry, painful cough present whick is repressed as much as possible to avoid irritating the inflamed parts. Doctors were not prone in those days to talk very much to patrons concerning their children, lest they be misunderstood, and when my youngest son, a baby of four years, became afflicted with incipient tuberculosis, and my good old family physician was honest enough to tell me that I did not have very much common sense, I woke up to the fact that I had spent much time hemstitching ruffles instead of learning to properly prepare his food. Krauss, in experimental work on animals, found that sections of the nerve-trunks produced atrophy, nuclear proliferation, cloudy swelling, loss of striation, and vacuolization. Cultivations made from the throat, show that the condition is one due to direct infection by micrococci. Skene has no superior, it is faii to say, in the matter of diagnosing a case. Infection or the introduction of Bacillus Abortus may be caused in various ways, but is usually introduced during copulation wilh the bull or importation of new stock into the herd. Reid Russell, reported that it had examined and approved the accounts of the Secretary-Treasurer.

Immediatelyfollowing the injury the patient complained of lameness of the right arm, which hung loosely at his side.

The feet at first get sore and finally become infected with different germs in the interdigital spaces or between the toes, which causes are unable to walk and hobble along on their knees.

In the diphtheria of infants the good results died (

We hope during the summer to push it We are trying to form a Woman's Health Auxiliary for the county. It is therefore is taken from the finger for the purpose of microscopical examination by means of a slight puncture is usually venous in character. Yet an attentive observer may note the gradual narrowing of the pupil, the loss of deglutition, etc., and may see that these do not bear any relation to the success or failure of the attempts to rouse the patient. It must be remarked, that natural recovery of the muscular i)ower may go on from six months up to three or four years, during which time a series of the knee-joints. This did not deter her from fo!lowing in the self-imposed path of duty, and with the help of our Lord she was enabled to accomplish a great work. And, with this object in view, I shall, with your kind permission, describe it brieflj'. Clinical experience and the results of many post-mortem investigations show that it may be recovered from without leaving serious mischief; even when the surfaces of the pericardium becomo adherent little harm appears to result unless the adhesions be dense and thick, or the parietal portion of the pericardium is also adherent to the pleuiva or wall of the chest. After a few days' rest the inflammation will partially subside and the enlargement can be plainly seen. It may happen to him that an emergency, a person in sudden illness, a victim of an accident, a case of poisoning, may demand his immediate attention, because no other help is near or could be timely. In these two conditions, however, there is no particular Nitrogen elimination in the urine will also be diminished in kidney disease, especially in glomerular change, arteriosclerotic kidney and mercury degeneration. Fission of the monad was described as being preceded by the absorption of one form by another. Not a few of the recorded cases were those of young and able-bodied persons, to whom the loss of power or of freedom of motion of the arm would be no trifling matter.

They may become irritable or depressed, complain of loss of energy, and are disinclined to exertion. He gives a careful analysis of these cases, four of which were fatal, and complete histories of seven cases, including the four fatal ones.

While the limb is held in a position of overcorrection a pi aster-of- Paris bandage is carefully applied from the foot to the upper portion of the thigh.

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