The chest I X-ray is frequently of additional help in that the cardiac silhouette is normal or smaller than I normal in size, and if the epicardial sac is calcified I as it was in the patient discussed today, the diagnosis is almost certain to be constrictive pericarI ditis rather than primary liver disease. He is held in great regard, and, uulike his brethren in Europe, ho is looked upon as a kind man. It is well to remove it, but we should not give too favorable a prognosis, otherwise we shall have the discomfort of having the patient after operation no better than before. John Ovitz Jr., Sycamore Vice-Chairman Mrs. I have urgently insisted for years, that a substance like corrosive sublimate that forms with the albuminoids a most refractory combination, could not be the proper thing to put between two wounded surfaces with the view of promoting healing. In this way several interesting papers were produced, as may be seen by reference to the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh volumes of the"Western Medical and Physical Journal." That the members of the society were enthusiastic and willing to work is evident from the published reports of the meetings in the"Western Med ical and Physical Journal" and the"Western Medical Gazette." The or fused new enthusiasm into the members. 'I And we are farther informed, that," since thinking is inevitable, our chief inquiry should be how we ought to said long ago, in apology for his own h) pothetical fancies, vague and useless acceptation of terms, which is altogether at variance with the specific definition with which our author set out. Original articles will be considered for publication with the understanding that they are contributed only to the Illinois Medical Journal. The an imals were natives; their ages, seven and eight; in fair conditioi'., and yielding the usual quantity of milk. Hysteria is so frequently met with in surgical cases that it is sometliing one must always be looking for, or grave errors in diagnosis and prognosis will result.

His father who was a prosperous farmer in Poland, Ohio, tried to induce him to move to Ohio with his family.

It has been sufficiently demonstrated that the symptoms are not an adequate index of the gravity of the lesion or lesions; and, if we cannot tell what the injuries are, the only thing to of those operated upon. Have them see an educational film or attend a discussion on alcohol or drug related problems. The tuberculin was used in this case more with the hope of killing off the bacilli that might be present than with the expectation of improving her streogtb soon came down. Are the latest SEEK RATE INCREASES professional liability insurance companies to file for rate increases. This was over forty years ago. Dew and because of it's simplicity has taken precedence of the harsher and more dangerous methods of Schultze and of Schroeder. M.D., has resigned from the superintendency of the Danvers Lunatic Hospital, and has accepted the position of Superintendent of the Connecticut Hospital for the Insane at Middletown, Conn. MEDICAL SUPPLIES OF THE VOLUNTEERS. Whether it cuts short the attack or not, I am unable to say. These results naturally led to testing the action of sterile nasal mucus upon various bacteria in vitro. Shumaker, Dauphin County, spoke on the sunset of the State Board of Medical Education and Licensure. Preventive Medicine and the Germ Theory are the crowning triumphs of the While the germ theory has taught us hut little in the way of therapy, it has placed the science of prophylaxis on an eminence never before attained. The time-honored hegemony of the Eastern schools had finally been conquered by Western talent and genius. Nikurs, Lydia Razim, Edward A. In both sexes the observed number exceeds the expected number only when pulmonary asbestosis is present. Vomiting continued several hours after operation, the substance being a greenish watery fluid. Thus it is gathered from his prescriptions that the patient was ordered five minims of liquor arsenicalis thrice daily about two and a half minims of liquor liq.

Moreover, about half of the nonmetropolitan counties which gained the most were counties which were already wellendowed (at least by nonmetropolitan only several physicians each, and with rather limited populations, were the As an organization accredited for continuing medical education, the Geisinger Medical Center certifies that these activities meet the criteria for credit hours in Category I of the Physicians Recognition Award of the American Medical Association.

The digoxin dose should be reduced when ISOPTIN is given, and the patient carefully monitored. Excellent salary and fringe benefits.

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