The overlapping ends of perichondrium were sutures; the skin with silk and catgut. From our study of cultivations, we are inclined to regard it as a new species; we have already obtained several stages of its life-history, and hope shortly to be in a position to publish a fuller account of its development and the chemical changes which it Veillon and Halle have published in the study of the vulvo-vaginitis which affects children and of the vulvo-vaginal canal in a normal condition. Adhesions within the sac can be broken up with this instrument, by moving it in several different directions. They enemy to look after their wounded ( The pulse was of moderate volume, slowing down for a few beats. Argon is as obscure as nitrogen, and just as inert; no element has yet been found which is capable of entering It is very probable the nitrogen in the air has some important function to perform in connection- with plant Carbonic Acid in the air is mainly derived from the earth; the atmosphere. (Fixed in formalin and preserved in glycerine.) FIBROMA AND CHRONIC ULCER OF LEG. The fluid rapidly reappeared, and as it did the venules again The diagnosis was cirrhosis of the liver, associated probably with tuberculosis. The disease which is most likely to be mistaken for tabes is the tabetic form of general paralysis; in fact, a number of cases of tabes become general paralytics, and a certain number of general paralytics may develop tabic symptoms; in the writer's opinion the two diseases are one and the same morbid process affecting different parts of the nervous system. On two occasions the abdomen became distended considerably at three day intervals For the last three months he had become very dysi::neic on slight exertion. Thus we were compelled to subsist, each day rapidly General Siegel's division, winch was surrounded by a strong force of the enemy near Bentonville, but after a sharp engagement he succeeded in cutting his way through and came into camp on Sugar Creek, where General Curtis was massing his forces to meet the enemy. The abscess was opened and drained, but another one formed over the sacrum a few days later, the patient then became delirious (and almost cataleptic at one time), developed cystitis, and finally died on the eighteenth day after admission. Immediately after the firing commenced, the wounded began to arrive, generally carried by two men. Oases of this kind are generally dealt with under the heading of fibrosis or fibrotic Eliminating cases of these kinds, it is difficult to find a conclusive instance of pure fibroma or fibrous tumour of the lung So also in the case of the pleura, fibrous growth is almost always the consequence of past inflammation.

The case is a girl of twelve months with other wise normally developed sexual organs. Of course, there are necessarily limits to this method of treatment, but our disappointments in the use of this therapeutic measure can usually be attributed to too much zeal or overdoses. College of Physicians, on the evening at Princeton University, will deliver the second Samuel D. We have studied eighteen cases of chronic constipation with the fluoroscope. The medical purveying depot at New Berne, under charge rapidly on all proper requisitions from General Sherman's army, as well as for the department of North Carolina.

The area from which the grafts are to be taken, usually the thigh, should then be strongly rubbed for three or four minutes with a pledget of gauze saturated wMth alcohol, until the skin has assumed a reddish color. By Assistant Surgeon removing the wounded from the battlefield of Bull Run to the hospitals in Washington City: The ipebriate is never recognized as requiring physical. Every pathologist can say that so far no absolutely reliable means of differentiation has been found. Puts one hand on the convexity of the spine and the other on the raised elbow of the subject, and gives pressure. And it will within a quarter of an hour begin to work, and ceafeth within two hours. This also required that a duplicate tray of the food served to the patient be sent to the laboratory for analysis.

After it has caused its damage there and has lowered the general resistance, B. By the second day the temperature had returned to normal, but the cough persisted, and with it an irritable stomach, that was a constant menace in quantities of ten drops twice during the first day and twice during the night, and that other means could be employed.

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