He was the author of a book on the Construction of Hospitals for the Insane, which, though containing recommendations not always suited to our climate, is no doubt the best book on the subject in In obituary notices we do not expect dispraise; but it somewhat startles us now and then to find the deceased belauded for virtues which we happen to know he did not possess. This hollow was intensely inflamed, and on its surface the The temperature fell to normal on the next day.

It does not seem to us that Dr. A RKI-OUT OF SIX MONTHS' WOKK IN THE OUTTATIICNT DKI'AKTMENT FOIi THE DISEASES OF WOMEN AT THE UOSTON CITV IIOSl'ITAL.' Dk. If by any of the circumftances before deicribed, or bf two or more of them acting at the fame time, a great degree of quiefcence is induced on any confiderable part of the circle of irritative motions, the whole clafs of them is more or lefs difturbed by their irritative aiTociations. The smoothness of the borders of the aperture renders it probable that the tunics are gradually thinned off by slow absorption; and that before the perforation is complete, the peritoneal coat is reduced to the thinnest stratum of membrane.

This analogy is as forcible in fo obfcure a fubjedt, as it is curious, and naked eye; if with a penknife the remaining rudiment of the laft year's leaf, and of the new bud in its bofom, be cut away flice by flice. At the posterior extremity, the skin becomes thickened and stiff, and that part about the calcaneum is often covered with callosities.

Whence we have the evidence both of our fight and touch againtt this wild imagination. Kennedy had seen several cases fatal in from thirty to thirty-six hours. From hence the periods of fDoie fever-fits may take their origin, either (imply, or by their accidental coincidence with lunar and folar periods, or with the diurnal periods of heat and cold, been induced, it follows, i. Palpation should be bimanual, one hand pressing upward from the lumbar region while the other is gently moved over the anterior surface of the abdomen, which should be as relaxed as possible. Paper, dipped in the ferum of the blood and dried in the fame manner as in the urine, did not fcintillate when the flame was blown out, but burnt exactly in the fame manner as the fame paper dipped in the ferum of blood drawn from another perfon. Now when these facts are connected with other wellknown facts, such as the statistics of the Brompton Hospital for Consumption in London, and the Friedrichshin Hospital in Berlin, which fail to show a single not a single case of consumption was contracted among published in last year's Transactions of this Society) this make me willing to brusii aside this weighty mass the contagion doctrine, and to accept as mv guide, principles of treatment which are conceived in theory and born of fancy, and which have nothing to support them in bedside exjierience? He who has been a diligent observer during the last ten or fifteen years, must be aware by this time that every specific measure wliich has been proposed for the cure of consumption, that tlii!y have all been shown to posses.-, strong aiitibacillary powers.

Thus Virchow, in his early career and Zeigler, in his recent work,"' follows in the wake of these early views. The pollution of railroad beds, railroad construction camps, clothing and other like agencies for the dissemination of diseases that aerial infection is almost a negligible quantity in the spread of disease and that consequently our methods of prevention must be considerably revised. The white ants of the coait of Africa make themfelves pyramids eight or ten feet high, on a bafe of about the iame width, with a fmooth furface of rich clay, exceffively hard and well built, which appear at a diftance like an aflemblage of the huts of the negroes, ( Adanfon).

Not only do the stools contain much blood and mucus, but an examination of these under water may reveal numerous shreds, and sometimes large patches of pseudomembrane.

Robin and Molliere, is the only means of preventing overstretching of the ligaments of the knee and consecutive hydrarthrosis.

After expulsion of the placenta the fundus is held down firmly for from thirty to forty-five minutes, and is then left to its own resources for a proliationary period of about ten minutes. Nelson: There was absolutely no suppuration. Discharge temporarily cases which had been treated by irrigation by other medical men also came under Dr. The greater part of the anterior surface of the heart is formed by the right ventricle and constitutes a triangle included between the above lines and the inferior border of the heart.

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