Extra discount and commission, but no guarantee, on Aldermen or Assemblymen. The x-ray will prove a valuable adjunct, not only for diagnosis but for Calculous pyelitis may cause symptoms of acute pyelitis during a limited period; the urine may practically clear and the patient as well as the attendant are deluded to believe that complete cure has resulted.

The pain in his head continued, but he remained at his work for some weeks.

She had a left renal tuberculosis which had run a course of fifteen years" duration with the stress entirely on the sensitive bladder. Under a magnifying glass there were points where slight vesiculation was present.

Such a case came under my observation a few months ago. The first reflective effort to change this world in any way will, no doubt, be an effort to number or count the things that present themselves to observation, and out of this effort will arise the transformation of the world that results from considering it under the concepts and categories of number. I did not see her after she left the hospital, but from information received, believe that death was due to tlie sepsis from these bed sores, and gradual exhaustion.

We have not as yet experienced the harmful results attributed to it by the medical profession, possibly due to the fact that our experience is limited, or that we administer it in very much smaller doses, and as a saturated solution rather than a powder. The growth is larger or smaller, according to the length of time she'has been standing or sitting. How this shall best be done, whether by direct or indirect advertisement, is a question of business. Spinal pachy meningitis or inflammation of the dura mater may be either internal or external. The prognosis of most peripheral disturbances and ocular changes following acute arsencial poisoning is good. After nine years' growth it had half encircled the neck, and was about time removed the growth.

Professor of Surgery in Rutgers Medical College, of Anatomy, Surgery, and Obstetrics on Midwifery and Diseases of Women Philip Syng Physick, M.

The operation of kidney fixation is less frequently performed than it was ten or fifteen years ago. (Striking out the word"and," after the word"Treasurer," and inserting the"words"and five Trustees," after the word"Councilors.") Vice-Presidents shall be elected for a term of one year. : the salivary, liver, and pancreas. First of all, life in the ivory tower ain't necessarily all that it's cracked up to be. In the treatment of streptococcus bronchopneumonia there is little to of fer but preventive measures and intelligent Dr. Lupulin and camphor have been abandoned in such cases. How is it? I would not like to say that they had better Boards of Health. The most common routes by which the germ enters the body are by way of the digestive and respiratory tracts.

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