Stewart, in discussion, said that he believed that when arranged for standard conditions both the calorimetric and plethymographic methods show uniform changes. The lahles lor the Uniti-'d States of L. The curative treatment of toxic goiter is essentially surgical and may be accomplished in two ways; namely, preliminary ligations of the superior thyroid vessels with subsequent subtotal thyroidectomy; or primary subtotal thyroidectomy.

I have had quite a bit of experience in treating amebic dysentery by this method, and find that better results are obtained, than with any of the newer preparations of ipecac. A young fibrin clot is easily digested in a pancreatin solution whereas connective tissues resist the action. In arteriosclerosis we find as a rule much greater enlargement of the heart than in valvular disease. The patients, who sufTered severely during the dysenteric attacks, even duting the intervals, and always experienced a disagreeable sensation of abdominal tension, declared that after the injections they no longer'feel their stomach'; at the same time the tenesmus is relieved. Among the latest is Praussnitz' examination of the dust from certain railway cars used exclusively for transporting tuberculous subjects. When labor starts the patient's husband or friends telephone the hospital and an interne and a hospital nurse in training go to the home and confine her.

At length better views prevailed, and a plan for the present simple, admirable, and efficient system. The source of this blood can only be detected by the microscope; it may be from the kidney or from the bladder. The non-contagious character of the condition was very strikingly illustrated by the case? Kidney and Ureteral Diseases. In these cases the patient passes large shreds of membrane. It has a tendency to establish the liiibit of invalidism, and to fix the attention inward, wbicli is not a healthy stimulus to recuperation. Abscess formation, especially multiple small Effusions into the pleural cavity became increasingly frequent, and were usually purulent.

In Dyspepsia Sold hy Druggists and Fine Grocers. In regard to the allegations of improper administration and witnesses have either misapprehended or incorrectly described the have endeavoured with loyalty and good faith to conform to the harrowing descriptions and illustrations of operations inflicted on so far as they suggest that the animals in questions were not under an anesthetic.

(This volume was reviewed In The facts on cllmatologj' as a science perhaps one of the best works is the"Handbook of Climatology." by Dr. The precipitate was washed free from other coloring matter and collected again by centrifugalization. This theory was vigorously attacked from all sides, and Arthus showed that the sugar does not disappear. The gravest forms of puerperal infection can best be prevented by early recognition of beginning infection and prompt resort to well-tried name given by Ewald to a nervous intestinal affection, characterized by mucous discharge. The conversation led to art and as Doctor Weber came just fresh from the fountain of art, in his enthusiasm he unpacked all his newly acquired knowledge in that line. In other words, any uterine condition causing sterility and in which the life and health of the woman is at stake, a hysterectomy is not only justifiable, but demanded. Biloxi, member of the State Board of Health, has employed an attorney to prosecute all violators of the medical practice act in the reviews Sixth District. For counteracting the tendency to Phthisis and other wasting diseases. Assurdely, every physician who needs a reference-work (and what physician does not?") should possess this one, and it gives us While the editors make replies ttrthese queries as they nre able, they are very far from wishing to motiopolize the stage and would be pleased to hear from any reader who ran furnish further and better information.

Two died and negative cases were also fatal.

As a member of the medical profession, I feel it is my duty to record the clinical facts as they present themselves, regardless of my own or any one else's personal prejudice for or against it, with a view of determining, as far as possible, its symptomatology, etiology and pathology. This was so noticeable as to be commented on by even non-professional persons, and' was demonstrated over and again.

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