Stoll arranged them as Inflammatory, Gastric, and Nervous.

The iayers are so ingeniously woven that, for all practical purposes, the material behaves as a single fabric, whilst the air contained within the meshes acts as a bad conductor of heat, renders the garments more hygienic and, at the same time, lighter in weight than their somewhat bulky In wear the fabric is warm and comfortable, and the texture is fine enough not to be irritating. If the correct type of case is selected, and the operation of nerve-freeing performed, a cure can be obtained in practically every instance. The pupils followed him in troops; and like to Iiinn;eus, who has been described as proceeding upon his botanical excursions accompanied by hundreds of students, so may Sir Astley be depicted traversing the wards of the hospital with an equal number of pupils listening with almost breathless anxiety to catch the observations which fell from his lips. The cases were of great practicd interest, and bore out the teaching of Sir A. Haec nusquam quidem non est; siquidem etiam imperitissimae gentes herbas, aliaque prompta in auxilium vulnerum morborumque noverunt. In some cases, especially hysterical women, the least emotion may bring on an attack.

He thought the author of the paper would still be liable to come across some cases which the patient had not been seen for several months and in whom firm cicatricial adhesions had already taken place, and patients in whom the cicatrization was very high up in the postnaso-pharynx. A remarkable feature of our medical society meetings is the scarcity of papers on this very important matter. Unfavourable signs, the more certain will be recovery.

Earthy phosphates, ammonia and uric acid are increased, chloride of sodium diminished. Atrophy of the optic nerve was one of a series of symptoms which might prove the previous existence of cerebro-spinal meningitis, basilar meningitis, growths in this same region, alcoholism, or fracture of the base of the skull with involvement of the apex of the orbit. One of these may easily be interpreted as the primary condition, leading to misplaced effort to correct the trouble. Brewer said that, if the passage of sounds was delayed, for instMuce, until the third day, it often caused pain much more severe than if it was done earlier. But much of the difficulty in choosing a system that is right for your practice can be eliminated.

The warm bath, followed by frictions of the surface, or by the terebinthinated epithem on the abdomen, and by diaphoretics, will ajso be of great service. James Little, I found the symptoms of paralysis of the right facial nerve as detailed by Dr. By Joseph A CLINICAL TREATISE ON DIABETES MELLITUS. See Tumors of Larynx and Chondroma of Maxillary Gland. The last particulars were When the history of this patient is analyzed and considered, there appear to be several factors in it which do not seem to allow its being included among those cases which constitute the idiopathic form of the scarlatiniform erythema. It is embedded in soft yielding flesh, and hence its appearance of shortness. It does not ulcerate very readily. Temperatures of not always the most important, feature. See Iris, Ciliary Body, and Choroid, Ossification of.

There is little or no appetite or thirst; and the other phenomena characterizing the complaint in its common form, are present in various grades of severity. There can be no doubt, however, that this particular pair of glomeruli has been develojx'd after the manner of the kidney.

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