Most cases of impaired vision for distance in either young or old may bj attributed to some error of refraction. One or both are found in most pulpy fruits, currants, apples, pears, quinces, apricots, plums, and ries, mulberries, cherries, tomatoes, oranges, lemons, and tamarinds. Familiarity with results of standard conventional therapy permitted a satisfactory comparison with any change effected by the addition of the antibiotic to the therapeutic regimen. There are, however, numerous instance, Aristotle himself and Napoleon; and Lord Clarendon, after mentioning that Chillinii worth" was of little stature," adds," that it was an age in which many great and wonderful Among the acquired, but not extreme, deviations from the mean size and weight, both corpulency and leanness are symbols capable of interpretation; yet, like varieties of stature, they will indicate only the most general out lines of character, and even these only conditionally on the proportions and forms of tfye several parts. But in a clinic as large as that of Doctor Swinburne, at the Good Samaritan Dispensarj'.

The yellow fever panic in New York appears to have subsided. Physician and the third generation of physicians in the Hawley family, was given the go ahead sign by General Omar Bradley, Director of the Veterans Administration, to develop a program for care of veterans General Hawley first outlined his proposed program hopes to see veterans with service connected disabilities treated at home by the physician of their choice and at the expense of the Veterans Administration.

His pupil, Themison, of Laodicea, founded a third medical sect, called the Methodic, who adopted a kind of eclectic system, combining parts of the systems of the Dogmatists and Empirics. A few determined, front-rank soldiers of fortune get the whole; while the quiet and unobtrusive medical applicants for fame who dare not whisper an opinion of their own for fear it might interfere with their personal prospects, as all depends on being on excellent terms with every body, go for men, but not measures. I felt that some evil genius had directed him to my surgery, as his great his body, with numerous wounds varying from the disc of a fourpenny to that of a five-shilling piece; it fact, the legs might have been termed a mass of putrid flesh, there being but little remaining skin; and the effluvium emitted was disgusting in the extreme. Pelvimetry, funnel pelves and their treatment, premature rupture uf the membranes, pelviotomy, extraperitoneal Caesarean section, etc.

If the panaiy fermentation is allowed to proceed beyond the point of converting the sugar of the flour-or meal into carbonic acid gas (which being diffused among the ductile and tenacious particles of gluten, pull's up, or raises the dough), the process of decomposition attacks the gluten itself, which it literally rots, and although such bread may be exceedingly light nnd spongy, and expand into the"largest lonf," it is very unwholesome, compnrtd with good bread, and after standing twenty-four hours becomes insipid and disagreeable. The lumbar region was proven by Goltz's experiment to have a mortor center for the rectum:

Upon procuring a still and making my own distilled water a short time before the injection, I noticed immediately a decided improvement as to lack of symptoms following the treatment. Any improper exposure of his manuscript to a compositor's eye, he erroneously imagines, would inevitably be at the expense of his capital. In this position he acquired an immense fortune and renown.

Washing out the stomach is a useful measure which, however, must be adopted with discrimination owing to the risk of exciting laryngeal spasm.

Candy, light bulbs, party favors. The truth is this: Constancy in the transmission of structure and character from parent to offspring, is That this truth is not a truism we shall show by at once contradicting, or at least qualifying it. Early in April, I heard the foetal heart distinctly, which set the matter at rest, although the lady assured me she was unconscious of the fact. When the claimed amount is in excess of A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees and Councilors of the Pennsylvania Medical Society was Officers present were Drs. John Evans in Brooklyn, who wrote precipitates. Emergency cases, cases with complications, or cases needing additional surgery were to be sent to the Sanitarium; in return, Sanitarium cases with wellestablished collapse were to be referred to the field organization. The following principles must, penicillin is the drug of choice. This fact was recognized by the Board of Naval Engineers, who reported favorably on Prof. The organs which are kept moving by the respiratory act, particularly the diaphragm and the liver, cannot be photographed, but very distinctly be observed, while in motion, with the aid of the fiuoroscope. The details of food as to quantity and character must be under the immediate control of the physician, as, e.g., at the Good Samaritan Dispensary, where two hundred patients were supplied daily. The abdomen was much distended and very rigid, and tender to palpation.

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