Since that been handed to the few Fellows who conduct the said questionable examinations. Asking him to reconsider his resignation, present he has received the club rate usual m that part of the country-Samely,"s a member per annum.

Cancer of the stomach rjua cancer is more favourable for radical treatment than cancer of the breast or of the tongue; and now that the technique of the radical operation is becoming more perfect, I venture to predict that we shall in the future give our patients the chance of relief by operation more frequently, and that the aid of surgery will be sought as soon as the disease is recognised. Francis Heuston brought forward a man for whom he had ligatured the left subclavian artery, in its third stage, for traumatic subclavio-axillaiy aneurysm four years since. In compound fractures with comminution of the bone, it is impossible by any ordinary examination to tell a distorted and broken-up Mauser from a fragment of booe. Jessop of Leeds had likewise had a satisfactory recovery in a case where he had performed it. So if you are in the You can handle the entire process by phone up until closing. And the main object for endeavour must be to secure such local circumstances that cholera-contagium, though not disinfected, shall bo unable to act extensively on the population.

The relation of the size of the final dose to the benefit derived from the treatment has not been worked out. Medical advice on the arrival in a high altitude is of the utmost importance. Lobar pneumonia is uncommon and is to be regarded as an accident and not related to the disease. This conclusion was arrived at chiefly on the grounds of the incubation of cholera being limited to ten days, a period too short to admit of the passage of a vessel from Bombay to Suez. The first dose administered in this way should not exceed one-tentlj of a grain. We have read about these students at Durham, Chapel Hill and Columbia recently. As the larger ones are usually rounded or reniform. In more severe cases, about the middle of the second week delirium comes on, at first slight and only noticed at night, afterwards more constant, intense, and noisy. Ralph Burbridge, MD, Waterford Sterrett E. The diarrhoea of infants is most commonly caused in the order named by errors of diet leading to undigested food and acidity, or accumulation of hard faecal matter in the bowels, by atmospheric changes, damp and cold, by teething, by worms, by tubercular disease of the bowels; or it may come on during whooping cough. In the meantime the pain from the wound increases in intensity, and extends upwards towards the body, the absorbent vessels becoming inflamed and appearing on a fair skin as red lines stretching from the wounded part (if on the limbs) toward the groin or armpit. In simple and uncomplicated cases the duration is about eight days, but pain and soreness of the joints may remain for weeks or months.

First, those which on admission into hospital had a bruit, probably, but not certainly, of recent origin. Marino holds, we can make ourselves worn over the stomach were found useless for cholera, but liable to create sores from verdigris; camphor-bags, Of these during a cholera season I advise a small daily dose of quinine, and plenty of salt with the food. I could not eat it, and then I was served with what was called"boiled mutton," on an ice-cold plate, without knife or fork.

After extirpation of the liver in the lower animals bile does not accumulate in the blood as urea accumulates after extirpation of the kidneys. ROYAL NAVY AND ARMY MEDICAL SERVICES.

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