With calm, cool dignity we stood entirely aloof from the homeopathic department in the university, never condescending to contend with or notice them in any way, except when grossly attacked to defend ourselves. The same diagnosis was again made, and the same operation performed. The urinary changes in this case are therefore of a reverse character to that usually found in pernicious vomiting qf pregnancy, the aoeto-acetic acid being out of all proportion to the ammonia coefficient. We all agree that more is desirable, but we believe that the students will get a better education in such a clinic as we have outlined than in the special institution described in the report.

In a recent set of ten examination questions for a graduating class by a professor of the"Practice" of Medicine, only one had any reference whatever to treatment. Klein, no one has succeeded in growing them.

The Conference expresses its conviction that the United States Public Health Service has deserved well of the State of California, and of the country, and that It would go far toward the restoration of popular confidence if the United States public health officials were admitted to the same relations with the State Board of Health as have been steadily maintained with the Board of Health of San Francisco. This writer in quoting Schwartze, who says that primary ostitis and especially primary tuberculosis of the mastoid process is extremely rare, declares that" this assertion may be true in general, but on the other hand as far as bone tuberculosis of the temporal is concerned the rarity with which we diagnosticate this affection may be owing to the omission of special bacteriologic examinations of carious bones of the ears." To my mind it would certainly be very difficult to tell whether the abscess thus discovered over the mastoid originated in the periosteum or in the bone proper, especially when upon opening the abscess you find the bone substance itself involved. All the fingers of the paralyzed on temperature in paralysis, chiefly in hemiplegia. No Essay to be more than thirty minutes and be accompanied with a sealed paper containing the true name of the writer and superscribed with the name written on the Essay.

It may almost be said that be created this special department of laryngology in the bi-oadei- sense.

The writer wishes to report a case in wliieh the X-ray failed to demonstrate a calculus the size of a di'ied pea whose spicules sei-atelied the varnish of a catlieter. If this should be confirmed pilocarpin will be of great value in the treatment, as well as in the prevention, of all bacterial diseases. General discomfort in the abdomen or in the back, tenderness at some localized point in the abdomen, and rectal tenesmus, all suggest lack of drainage from some point in or above the sigmoid, and these symptoms should never be permitted to last long without testing with an enema or a laxative. A Brief For Military Education in School and Colleges.

In doing this I was astonished at the facility with which I passed my hand by, and the mobility of the previously firmly wedge'd-in shoulder; and pursuing the investigation further, I found that I could readily push up the shoulder and, by external manipulation, bring down the head, which was done. Suffice it to contract the bronchioles.

In the fluid, there will also be found S-shaped forms, consisting apparently of two organisms united end to end with the curves in opposite directions.

This table shows the temperature to be lower in the cases in which atrophy had taken place. The volume contains: The Illinois Practice Act; The State Board of Health Act; Con cerning Practitioners and the Mode of Procedure under the Medical Practice Act; Schedule of Minimum Requirements; Official Register of Physicians and Midwives; List of Revolced Certificates; and many other useful data concerning committee of citizens of Ypsilanti, acting with a committee of the State Board of Health, to hold a Sanitary Convention in Ypsilanti, Michigan, addresses or papers on subjects of general interest pertaining to public health. He complain- of h aches, giddiness, slight deafness of the right ear, and loss of sight. Solution and trust they will be more extensive, and that he will come to Gallenga found that corneal ulcerations artificially produced in rabbits' eyes were quickly healed by subconjunctival injection. At his best he could hear a familiar word from the other side of the room without the voice being raised, but frequently it was necessary to shout a word into his ear.

The arteries at the base of the brain become involved.

Keener, of Chicago, to publish an edition to supply the demand from without the state. Starting with the advocacy of a distinguished Alabamian for your highest office and seeing him elected, whom you have also since honored in like manner, caused the selection of this metropolis of the South as the fit scene for the happy consummation of his heart's desire. From his life as an author may be learned the importance of early practice to those who aspire to authorship. Several months by dilatation with large sounds, and application of nitrate of silver to the uterine mucous membrane.

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