The time has not yet come to establish conclusively any one of these views of the origin of syringomyelia. Acland takes the place of the original account of Subphrenic Abscess by the late Dr. Very soon after the profession of London had received definite proof of Dr. She had been married eight years before she came to me, and had had her cervical canal dilated by tents and slit up with Peaslee's metrotome by a skilful But while you can expect much from this operation whenever it is performed for dysmenorrhea caused by flexion or by stenosis, you cannot be so sanguine with regard to its results in sterility. Peesons living in cities begin to wear glasses earlier than country people, from the want of opportunities of looking at things at a distance.

Omitted the quinine and continued the turpentine. These statistics are both interesting and instructive, and become valu able as showing the direction of the current in favor of or against a particular anaesthetic agent. Ferguson's paper, said he had performed three operations of a similar nature, and two of the patients were now alive and well. The stone was three-fourths of an inch in diameter, round and had no facets.

Contribution to the Anatomy of the Dr. The symptom is frequently exaggerated in the supposedly rigid pupils of tabetics and paralytics, indicating that it can not be ascribed to a purely peripheral lesion. Spend at least four winters and one summer session in attendance at some recognized school of medicine. Even before puberty the nervous system undergoes a preparatory change, and if there be evil conditions in the surroundings of the child to excite sexual irritation, puberty is hurried forward.

He is strongly of the opinion that this combined use of cocaine and resorcine forms our verv best treatment of the disease to-day, and says that if it is resorted to at the beginning, will sometimes reduce the length of the attack to four or five days. The vulva and the vagina are scrubbed with tinct. The discharge from the kidneys does not seem to be strictly haomaturia, but only the coloring matter of the disintegrated blood globules held in solution, together with admixture of biliary As to the vomiting, of course what may have been taken into the stomach is first ejected, and the continuance of it is mucus and bile in abundance, mixed with what may have been taken into the stomach from time to time. The country." That is to" the house of entertainment, at the sign of the Black Horse," corner of Broadway and Barclay Street. It is probable, owing to the temperature of the mother's body, that the asphyxiated child will retain its vitality much longer within the uterus than outside of it. Treatment of diabetes with pancreatic extract or with secretin has been followed by very little success, if any. Symptoms resembling locomotor ataxy presented, weak legs, unsteady gait, decided strabismus, numbness of lower limbs, violent pains over sacrum. Epigastric pain is of frequent occurrence. Tension, heat, and tumour of the left side, and with pain, which kinds; each of them attended with different symptoms, and different modes of termination.

Both which, however, when they occur, require immediate venesection by the lancet or by leeches, as well as the peripneumony; as mentioned below. Food administered by the rectum should be predigested or converted into peptone. Britton refers to some negotiations that were entered into by the Legislative Committee last year with the Minister of Education, when we got this amendment in the Medical Act. The palse at first is full, looses its volume and force, increases in frequency, and becomes irregular ( The third case recovered The excision of the ulcer has been advocated bv some. Not only has this operation advantages over other methods in recent cases, but in old cases in which the eye was removed months or years ago, when there is this sunken appearance of the artificial eye, the socket might be reopened and a sponge inserted. Petersburg, draws the following general conclusions in regard to the I. The acid sweats described by Dr. Thirteen I months after operation in best of I health. In this case I believe the muco-periosteum lining of the sinus takes up its defense, and through its osteoblastic layer builds and protects its walls against absorption and perforation. All letters whether intended for publication or not must contain the writer's name and address, not necessarily for publication.

He thought the less wo exploited this method the better.