In these cases, when the tongue is pallid, broad, and covered with a pasty fur, the use of the Sulphite of Soda will give good satisfaction. The wound had healed perfectly and there was no evidence of recurrence. No vessel on which yellow fever has prevailed can be safely inhabited until after Thirteenth. It is probably a borate of glyceryl. These statistics, moreover, do not include officers, as no accurate statistics were available in their case.

Also provides tingling flush which may follow and feeling of warmth seldom require discontinuation of the drug tingling, skin rash, allergies and acid or other components of the drug.

We must then seek some other and adequate factor in the case under examination.

It has recently been made impossible to secure delegate membership in the American Medical Association through local societies and thus the issue between the State Society and the State Association is being forced.

During the Regular Winter Session, in; ddition to four didactic lectures on every week-day, except Saturday, two or three hours are daily The Spring Session consists chiefly of Recitations from Text-books. The name of an excellent natural acidulated water." Every Genuine Bottle bears the REGISTERED YELLOW PICTORIAL LABEL of the Apoilnaris Company, Limited, London. In the village of Cedar Falls a three department school has been maintained for a number of years and about three and one-half miles from the village the district maintained another mixed school, accommodating about eighteen pupils at a cost of three hundred and fifty dollars per year. The condition was accompanied by intense muscular spasm which did not follow the accident immediately, but first began to develop more than a week later. There was no other discoverable primary node of cancer anywhere to be found.

All deep and superficial reflexes present, sensation normal, heart normal, pulse sixty-eight; lungs normal; abdomen slightly tender over epigastrium, otherwise nothing was felt. Although scarcely sufficient in quantity to interfere with the perfect fluidity of the urine, if a little be placed in a test-tube and agitated with an equal bulk of liquor potassse, the mixture will often become a stiff transparent jelly.

We also refer to the following Physicians, who use it and recommend it to the Profession THE LEADING WESTERN MEDICAL JOURNAL. The left kidney is surrounded by many firm adhesions and a small amount of old hemorrhage. They are only used to advantage by those who are willing to wait, and associate the gradual sedation with the like gradual giving way ot Using them in this way, the practice of medicine becomes a real pleasure, and has a success not otherwise attainable.

It was, I presume, the first time that I had ever been in a thunderstorm when away from the shelter of the parental roof, and hence the depth and durability of the impression on my mind. Oshkosh will resume work as soon as the high school building is completed. In three of the latter the stricture was at the urally presents a slight contraction and is well known to be liable to The thickness or depth, and the width of stricture of the rectum differ with its progress and origin. There is evidence from the field and from the laboratory to support each one of these theories. Secondarily, the nerve becomes injected in lines, with minute extravasations of blood, edematous, and finally firm, from a grayish or yellowish, gelatinous fluid, which hardens soon or late at the same time that the surrounding tissue becomes High grades of inflammation reduce the nerve quickly to a yellowish-red pulpy cord, for which the inflammation and the constricting sheath are solely responsible.

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