I have found that if the nondiabetic partner restricts his or her food intake, it is much easier for the diabetic patient to do the same. The artificial pharyngeal airway is a If doctors themselves find difficulty in its use, common sense dictates that we must not expect laymen to make efficient or safe As a final conclusion, we feel that any further spread of the use of pharyngeal airways by laymen will be fraught with extreme hazard, will decrease the success of rescue breathing, and may actually provoke death when it should not have occurred. See advertisement and mention Progress.

( Arseniate and salicylate of investigations and profound discussions, has not yet been able to determine the causal element of this disease, the treatment of which is about to be referred to.

And weeps and smiles and wakes and slumbers. Bray for the Council and I find written t his ('ouneil for t he ensuing year.

The patient was placed in a dark corner of the room, and the swelling was examined with a candle, and found to be transjiarent; but its want of prominence, and small size, rendered this mode of examination very difficult. Ferry by an Irishman, who credited the doctor with saving his life:"You see, sur, I had a complication of diseases, an' two other doctors did be working on me for some time, an' I was in a mighty bad way, an' the two doctors they gave me up an' wint away, an' me friends they sint for Dr. The affection extended up the leg, and there was stiffness and pain sufficient to produce insomnia. As noted, are not infrequently inverted in Vj in normal adults. The joint most commonly involved, and it is swollen and painful.

Premiums paid on life insurance Premiums paid for disability insurance are deductible only if the policy specifies that benefits are for whose duties are connected with professional work, payments made in behalf of employees; items consumed-in-the-using such as medicines, bandages, laboratory supplies, etc.; uniforms or other garments used in professional work but not suitable for street wear; cost of telephones, telegraph, heat, light, water, etc.; Ohio and Federal gasoline tax, if this has not been included in cost of gasoline; interest on business indebtedness; cost of replacement or repair of professional equipment lost or damaged by fire, theft, etc., not covered by insurance; certain legal expenses, with a useful life of at least eight years.

The importance of great attention to the diagnostic characters of the disease, on the part of students and young practitioners, cannot he denied.

From these meetings there has arisen certain discussions which may be helpful in establishing firm policies for future developments. States with newer phenothiazine compounds effective and Ota, K. In die course of handles of my forceps approached each other in parallel lines, I fonnd it child aliye, and I was extremely desirous of deliyering it safely. The relationships of the patient and her family to physicians, hospital, ami community were discussed. Each is very vascular; each secretes a lubricating fluid; and each has for its function the facilitating the movements of a solid body. Uterine colic, which is sometimes excessively painful, should be treated with one granule of hyoscyamine every quarter of an hour, or two granules of tannate of cannabine every quarter of an hour. Fasciotomy of the anterior tibia! compartment and the calf should be combined w'ith repair of most injuries to arteries w'hich supply blood When an operation is performed to correct an injury of a major artery associated with fracture of the femur, it is important in most instances to immobilize the fracture fragments before attempting arterial reconstruction.-" -' If internal fixation is indicated, satisfactory stabilization of fractures of the femur may be accomplished by inserting an intramedullary rod or reducing fracture fragments with slotted plates attached with screws. An exploratory incision gave egress to arterial blood, and the diagnosis was made of diffuse aneurism. I am now by your lordship's kind sympathy as happy as I can be after taking such a share in so great a calamity; I feel an inclination to say a thousand things which I must suppress.

The question, How soon after delivery does the responsibility of the accoucheur cease'? is answered thus by this writer:"It is not measured by days or by weeks (

In these preparations the bacilli are in a condition of suspended animation, in which dormant condition they remain to be revived and become active again under the influence of warmth, moisture and food. The nipples become turgid and more prominent, and the areolee assume a darker hue, modified by complexion. The outflow tract of the right ventricle and the pulmonary artery segment was not prominent although there were increased pulmonary markings thought to be compatible with minor pulmonary congestive changes.

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