There soon follows a gradual lessening of breathing; a thread-like pulse; a clear intellect; and a complete arrest of show signs of amendment; occasionally get well rapidly; pulse rising, and rice-water evacuations being replaced by stools containing bile. The most interesting points to us are, that he finds that the engineers and firemen enjoy, on the whole, a greater degree of health than any other class of employees, including in his estimate the clerks, the men employed about the stations, those who work in the shops, and the laborers on the line.

Since hospitals operating in overseas theaters were less subject to The Surgeon General's authority than those in the zone of interior, they were largely unaffected by the movement, discussed in the foregoing chapter, to standardize organization and simplify administrative procedures.

He was an assistant attending physician at Williamsburgh Irving Kalow, M.D., of Syracuse, died on April Medical College and Flower Hospital. The pharyngeal mucous membrane above the ulceration appeared neaily natural, except for two oi' three little i-ounded elevations, as if there was a deposit in the mucous membrane, each In the mucous membrane of the trachea directly corresponding to the deep ulceration which threatened to perforate it, was a small The patch on the tracheal mucoxss membrane was cut across, and from a section of it were obtained cells which possessed all the characters of cancer-cells.

The solvent action of the bile for cholesterin depends in some degree on the biliary soaps and fats and especially on the bile-salts. A single application was made on this day, and ultimately the child recovered perfectly. He considered this condition of into convulsions q-U over the body, with the exception of the left, upper extremity, which was relaxed and peudulous. It will be withdrawn XJERE'S a chance for you to test out one application of light, hot air, and steam Its range of usefulness makes it. Beta lipoproj tein and triglyceride fractions may I Most of the available evidence indi! cates that CHOLOXIN (sodium dextroj thyroxine) stimulates the liver to inj crease catabolism and excretion of j; cholesterol and its degradation prodi ucts via the biliary route into the feces. Six months after the law went into operation, Dr, Edwards made a report to the Secretary of the Treasury, in which for the continuance of the law and its faithful application. Deglutition was impossible for the first six months, and the patient subsisted upon enemeta, and for two and a half years upon liquids alone. To thefe able additions, the great quantity mafticated to ment in proportion to the accumulation, that die ftomach is perpetually overloaded with but engenders a large portion of vifcid glutinous matter, with which the finer veflels of the lungs, in broken -winded horfes, are found fo abound, upon infpedlion, after death. Publication elsewhere will be subsequently authorized at the discretion of the Editor. These demands drew heavily upon available units and assemblages and sometimes made it impossible for The Surgeon General and OPD to meet without modification requests of In sending numbered hospital units overseas, The Surgeon General departed from prewar plans, using training units as well as affiliated units. All pestilential diseases are accompanied with bubos.

One was the installation of newly developed webbing-strap litter supports.

Army, from Captain Norton Strong, Assistant Surgeon, relieved from duty at Fort Walla Walla, Washington, and ordered to Vancouver Barracks, Washington. Malarial bodies were not numerous in smear preparations from the organs, although pigment was abundant. It is certain that all forms of rubber drums induce or promote discharge by causing irritation, and moreover they require to be removed at night. Lastly, disturbances of speech may occur in the course of the disease or during convalescence; and children are especially prone to aphasia.

The stump receives no weight on the end, and is well covered and protected, to avoid friction But the most ingenious piece of mechanism, and one that seams to us as likely to do greater service for bumanity in relieving thorn from the deprivation of enjoyment and capability to work, which generally follows an accident, is the arm and liand, of which we present full C C, and turning upon the pinion, D. This little distinction made all the difference, and ever afterward the poor used to flock to the doctor's house for relief as a matter of right." There are stated to be one hundred and eighty-nine thousand doctors in the world. By a careful application of ice to the head, and the judicious use of calomel in cathartic doses, this tendency to determination of blood to the, brain was controlled in the course of three or four days, but there j was a train of symptoms remaining which proved that exudation had taken place. Two weeks later it issued another directive making this policy and equipment made compliance with this directive impossible when hospital The Surgeon General on the purpose of hospital units began to coincide with those of the General Staff. Since the completion of this manuscript, a paper by Chisolm albino and piebald rats of London with those of the Philadelphia Chisolm's measurements agree with mine very well up to about per cent.