When I practised my first excision, now seem to be going to the other extreme and performing e.xcision of the hip-joint too early, before a thorough trial of local and general treatment has been employed. These variations from the usual at t'mes justify exploratory laparotomy. A tuberculosis officer is a whole time officer; he should have special training in tuberculosis work, aud be of suitable age aud attainments to command general confidence. His pleasures were the greatest, his home, his family, his friends, and his life were the most enjoyable of all. Large accumulations arising from this cause in young children have come under the observation of the writer. The physician should use his hands, his eyes and his ears before he leaves the house and know whether he leaves a normal or abnormal baby with the mother.

Nephritis, especially if recent, is not a contra-indication to the use of chloroform anaesthetic may be employed, provided the patient or family were advised of the employed, it is yet a mooted question as to which is the safer, so far as the kidneys are concerned, unless it is in obstetrical rule, profound functional disturbance, and even organic lesions, may be induced by an operation, apart from the influence of reflex sympathetic action or sepsis or notably the abdominal and genito-urinary organs and about the mouth and rectum, are specially likely to produce renal complications. One month after the operation an examination showed Of the seventeen operations done on fifteen patients, fourteen gave decided improvement in the vision, and three proved failures. For uncomplicated anchylosis it is not to be recommended, simple osteotomy being here a safer and caries or necrosis, excision may properly be resorted to.

Scabies is not very common it would appear, and the lesions less severe than in the white. (iv) Stiff or useless limbs the result of injuries to nerves, especially cases where nerve suturing having failed (v) Various contractions of the extremities due to scar (vi) Derangements of the knee due to injury of the semilunars or following upou operations for this treatment at a civil or military general boypiUil. The object of the Fund severely in their financial position that on their return to civil life they would find themselves embarrassed. Only when the last income payment is made to the last beneficiary is the remaining principal available to be How the Fund is beneficial to you.

The more profound cases of depression exhibiting a decided delusional trend (at times concerning the parentage of the child), marked insomnia, suicidal tendencies, refusal of food, and negativism give the consultant much more concern; but even here we do not deem it advisable to interfere in the majority of cases especially in the first pregnancy. We must assume that every time we use the constant galvanic to relieve pain, to stimulate nutrition, or to perform electrolytic operations, we are performing electrolysis, for the human body may be regarded as a large and exceedingly composite electrolyte.

The time has come to dispense with hypothesis and theory.

They are your warm friends; the more you discover, the greater your skill, the more recognition which your work receives, the better they are pleased.

He points out that Vogt and Gaupp, who have occupied themselves with" Granat Kontusion" (bomb contusion), are far from accepting the exclusive psychogenic role in the development of this syndrome.

Carefully examined; for the occurrence of cedema due to dilatation of the heart is a serious symptom. In spite of the attractiveness of Hlava's theory, the chances that such a mechanism can occur in human beings seem extremely slight. When the patient is thoroughly iodinized, the injections of the solution of the chloride of gold and sodium are begun, commencing with a dose of one thirtieth of a grain, and gradually increasing until one third of a grain is being given. Very valuable during PREGNANCY and LACTATION.

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