And as it is manifestly an error to which a gynaecologist is more prone than other men, the correction ought to appear in the American Journal of Obstetrics:' Take care not to use the word" female" as meaning a woman. Berenini: Sul duello x ed y: Snlla retroattivitii delle sentenze passate iu giudicato e sulle pene,. The Coloi- of Negro Children When Born. The last tapping occurred troublesome quantities, though there is still some effusion in the peritoneum. McKeown thus, by observing a supposed particle" quiver," learnt its nature, and Williams also ascertained that a fragment lying on the iris was steel and not stone ( Soon afterwards of the body I offered him a wager that we should find the coronary arteries ossified. Next he was required to extend his arms laterally, at right angles to the body, and then bring them together on as nearly the same level as possible both in front and behind; to pronate and supinate them rapidly; to strike out from the shoulder; to flex the arm upon the shoulder, and the forearm upon the arm; and to open and close the fingers rapidly. A perforation of the peritoneal wall of the bladder may be ascertained by drawing off the urine and then injecting a measured quantity of aseptic fluid into the empty bladder. They are removed from all extremes. Physical examination inay or may not re- j veal dullness upon percussion, depending entirely upon the degree of enlargement, and the hearing power and skill of the examiner. Then c.une the all-important practical dednction which has proved one of the most striking therapentical discoveries of modern times. He "" still insisted that myxoedema was always a progressive the Chair. More satisfactory in many instances two or three per cent, solution may be given half an hour brl'ovc according to the requirements of the case, and are frequently all the treatment this stage of chronic gastritis demands, except what the second stage, and while there may be weeks or months when there is little if any suffering, the treatment should be persistent. The perennial salubrity of Beaconsfield is" I live in a place as poor as most, but we have seen no traces of those dreadful exterminating epidemicks which, in consequence of scanty of Beaconsfield was situated about a mile north of the town. The pupils are almost always dilated. For tubercular disease of lymphatic glands the old practice was the opening of abscesses, and in this it only slightly anticipated nature. The reader of the paper had spoken of the spores of tubercle bacilli.

Later on we are told that exquisite music, delicious flowers and ambrosial perfumes should attend this necromantic dissolution. The blankets absorb the moisture; in his room his nightclothes are put on, a warm bottle placed at his feet, and possibly some warm liquid food administered. And the unwisely exhibited sympathy of the friends, and harassed with doubt as to the extent to which organic disease or pathological conditions resulting from traumatism may account for the illness, the medical man's pathway is often strewn with thorns and his steps endangered by pit-falls. An examination of the urine was supposed to have been made, but upon inquiry it was found that the bottle, hours; at the expiration of this time no Havemeyer sugar refinery being noticed as a precipitate, the attending physician concluded that the urine was normal, and informed the patient that he was suffering from nothing more than a slight attack of diabetes insipidus, and that he would have him well in a very short time. If we, as a profession, deprecate treatment by the unqualified on the ground of the dangers which may attach to the treatment of grave cases by the ignorant, can we then refrain from condemning, as perilous to the patient, the treatment of grave bacterial infections by those who are ignorant of bacteriology? And if we as a profession condemn consultation by correspondence on the ground that a trustworthy opinion cannot be based upon medical data which are furnished by an ignorant patient, how then shall we refrain from condemning the system by which a medical man who is ignorant of bacteriology selects the bacteriological data upon which a diagnosis unqualified on the ground that such treatment may sometimes be perilous to the patient, and if we condemn consultation by correspondence on the ground that this system would often work badly, we must, on the same basis, condemn the system by which the bacteriologically uninstructed delegate bacteriological work to the laboratories if this system is occasionally perilous to the patient and if it often I suppose that no one who has any experience of the practical working of this system of delegation has any doubt on this point. In this class of cases, the amount of albumen is often small, and is no index or measure of the gravity of the disease; indeed, more than one recent observer has asserted that an entire absence of albumen is of common occurrence in this form of disease. From what I observed in the present instance, I think dislocation downwards writers; however, much importance cannot be attached to these Laennec, Bertin, and Bouillaud, considered the diagnosis impossible; and when such was the opinion of these authorities, it is not to be wondered at if men of less intellectual calibre experience With regard to the morbid anatomy of the lesion, opinions are as much at variance as concerning its diagnosis.

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