A rectal examination may prove of Thrombosis or Embolism of the Mesenteric Vessels. This will enable you to give the ratio of mortality, and so enable your readers to make a comparison of the state rest. Never since the Black Death has such a plague swept the world. We hold medical society meetings in the light Q)i professional consultations, where the strictest privacy should be maintained, where medical opinions may have the utmost freedom of expression, and where errors of practice may not only be exposed, but confessed, for the benefit of others, without danger to the reputation of the confessors. "With the advent of the Civil Service bargain, the mark-down square deal must be displayed in the window, and between them the old spoils system will be called back into a blissful earthly life everlasting, in which there will be no communion of saints or resurrection of the corpse of Civil Service. The same is the case Avith fused iron, bismuth and antimony. Hall; the inhalation of very hot air, or of flame, as in some cases of burning, as shown by Mr. The students misbehaved and rebelled against established order, an attitude with which Cooper might have been sympathetic, because of his own past, but was not. Phillips, Harrisburg: The age incidence of contagious diseases shows them to be diseases of childhood.

The urine of each man was examined for albumin before each injection of aisphenamin. Same remark may be applied to blisters, issues, or setons, applied on some convenient part of the head or in the neck. The deaths classified as due to"organic diseases of the heart'' form a group which is second in numerical importance only to tuberculosis, in as a cause of death.

It therefore presents a number of openings, corresponding with these different cavities. The white flower is of a singular form, resembling a snake's head, with the correcting the morbid secretions of the bile, removing the torpidity of the liver, and creating an appetite.

The glandular Pacchioni are small, round, whitish granulations, collected in clusters of variable size. The pharynx becomes covered with tubercles, but the oesophagus is seldom thus aflTected. Even when the quantity is unusually large, the discharge may take place in a short period, or during a longer time in recurring gushes; or it may continue for a long period, as a slight or moderate drain. Of these medicines, the liquor ammonia acetatis, of the spiritus aeth. Thus, in fatal cases, the mucous rhonchus increases and extends as death approaches, until the accumulated secretion mounts to the large bronchi and trachea, when the rhonchus becomes tracheal, and as umes the character to which the appellation more urgent in bronchitis, or even in pleuritis, than in pure pneumonia; and, generally, the amount of dyspnoea indicates in some measure the extent to which the latter is associated with the former, particularly with bronchitis. Chronic otitis media on states, he would come home to her at times frightened because of strange sensations. All of the exercises of the anniversary Fenway, Boston, beginning with the annual a.m., followed by the annual meeting of the Tuberculosis and Hospital Administration were held in the different halls of the building. Thinks is demonstrated by the fact that, in cases of obstructive diseases of the heart, attended with great congestion in the venous circulation, the urine becomes albuminous for a time, and the same occurs whenever any febrile affection supervenes on this congestive state of the vessels, the albumen disappearing from the urine as this affection is removed or diminished ( They the liver to its posterior border. Relatively to the amount of fluid taken, coincidentiy with a diminution of "code" the dropsy and of the albumen in the urine, is generally a favourable omen; but, unfortunately, it is not rare to see this change arrested suddenly in the course of a few days, and followed by an increase of all the symptoms. In two cases of uterine gonorrhoea, which were treated by me in acute than those above described, and were consequent upon the afTection of the vulva, urethra, and vagina. It is then called an hnperforate hymen. Up to the present time, the school at Nantes has experienced no difficulty in placing its pupils and none have been In South Africa, the problems which arose in connection with her disabled soldiers were exceptional.

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