Upon the mouse and marmot we find also the Pviex pasciatus, but it presents upon the prothorax a comb of eighteen points, and has been seen only in Holland, Halle, and once in Milan. In three cases the pupils were equal, in two the left was greater than the right, and in one the right was greater than the left One ohservation was made for narrowing of the palpebral fissure, and this was found on the left side. A slight ankle clonus of short duration, and unsustained, sometimes occurs in hysterical people; but a continuous strong clonus of the ankles, with marked knee clonus, is against a purely functional origin for the weakness. That the field is perfectly sterile, is to locate the iliac crests. I?, The place where the fpermatick veflels divided; J, Went to the tefticle; but part ufually joined, namely, the tefticle and the epididymis, were feparated from one another; yet all was provided As the teflicle, in the ufual courfe of nature, fhould in this cafe, in the abdomen; nature yet took care, that with part of the ejaculatory vefiel, fnould pafs out of the abdomen toward its ufual place: and thus, tho' the fabrick of this teilicle was not of the ufual kind, yet, by this contrivance, it was rendered capable of performing ail the necelTary offices of a teflicle, as much as if the femen might pafs from the tefticle thro' the epididymis to the vafa deferentia. A decided sensation in medical circles in that city. Woodbridge's plan of intestinal antisepsis in typhoid fever, is eminently logical, but the same doubt as to its practicability exists in the one as in the other. When a few suspicious cases of fever were discovered at Houston and Galveston, many of the Northern and Eastern papers announced in startling press dispatches that the scourge was raging in Texas. If the patient can take milk it is the best food for all stages of the disease. The procedure has been upon the pulmonary circulation. Of the whole number of wounded up to the present time twenty-seven per cent, were damaged by shell fire and seventy-three per cent, by rifle fire. In'J'upuia the intermaxillary bones are very large, and their suture descends vertically, nearly half way between the nares and the orbits. Davis as to the value of atropine given by needle, not only for the oedema of the post-eclamptic state, but also for its ante-eclainptic action. I had a chance to see this man. Although Harvey's publication of his discovery caused an immediate falling off in his practice, its effect upon medical science was as definite and far reaching as that of the Fabrica. In forty-eight hours, if you do not operate, there is complete destruction of the bone. Prince's decorations included Order of Royal Order of Red Cross and Order of the of the pathology department at Grasslands Hospital and a special lecturer at Cornell He was a graduate of Tufts College and of Jefferson Medical College. It will contain contributions from Members of the Staff and others, together with the Statistical Eeports of the Hospital, by the Medical and Surgical Registrars, to December Slst, Intending Subscribers are requested to communicate with Mr. It has been tried on several occasions, with very little success. The fat was grasped with forceps. On removing these nine small fibres that pass diagonally outwards from their origin, the anterior ridge, to tlieir insertion in the tegument at different distances same ridge at the lateral part of the segment, cross over the last lateral abdominal muscle, and are inserted between it and the one immediately' before it. It is also found among the barren, those who cruelly forbear to suckle their own offspring, or Symptoms It is usually accompanied M'ith a sense of languor, and a or of long continuance, the countenance looks pale and unhealthy, the stomach is troubled with symptoms of indigestion, the skin is dry and feverish, and the feet edematous. The usual carminative and tonic drugs were exhibited. The mission governors of the hospitals, and almoners of the money collected. His life is a steady treadmill of routine, and his chief effort is to get through with the individual patient as quickly as possible in order that he may see the next one. There seems to be little evidence in favor of infection of the gall-bladder taking place bv regurgitation of lymph and still less evidence of there being an ascending infection from the duodenum through the bile ducts, since the sphincter muscle of Oddi and the oblique manner in which the common duct enters the duodenum prevent this occurrence. But, on the other hand, the anatomical writers of moft reputation, tho' they allow that in many quadrupeds there are fqcH human frame -, and our author joins his teftimony to theirs, that there have not been any fuch found. The temperature remains gradually sinks to normal, the entire febrile movement rarely lasting more than a week. One of them consulted me in the forenoon and the other in the afternoon of the same day. Even in the business district, down near the magnificent City Hall, which towers as the chief and most beautiful landmark of southern Florida, where the wind blows almost constantly, there seems to be no dust. A small free clot existed for three-fourths of an inch on the distal side.

After these two specific indications the treatment will depend upon the symptoms of each individual case. At the very time of this thaw the patient had numerous and copious discharges. The chill that a man feels when he suddenly breaks out into a cold sweat is due to a constriction of surfacevessels, but this subjective sensation of cold is soon replaced by an actual fall in the body heat. Modem research has shown that the occurrence in gonorrhoea of the so-called" rheumatic symptoms" is due to the lymphatic absorption and subsequent vascular distribution either of a toxin or of the originating micro-organisms which infest the urethra in the male and additionally the special genital organs of the female.

On the subject of hidden fistulae, Leonidus says:"When a deep fistula has perforated the sphincter, either one that has commenced in the anus or one that has begun higher up, it dilates the anus, just as one dilated the vagina of a woman, with the anal dilator, and by th's we mean to say the Dioptra." It is only sufficient to examine the uterire specula and the anal specula of Pompe'i uterine speculum is a great deal larger than the anal speculum, and the latter is obviously former would be entirely unsuited to other than vaginal exploration. The case of effort syndrome most often diagnosed as organic disease is probably the one that presents some other functional disturbance, such as an insignificant systolic murmur or an occasional drop beat.

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