In some instances the true cords were highly inflamed and caused the patient some uneasiness on account of inability to speak above a whisper for a few days, but this was overcome in only a few days, with no after results. Eugene Smith, of Detroit, Chairman; Among the delegates here, many of whom are accompanied by their families, are the At the Lindell: Drs. I carefully inspected the cemeteries, and cannot pass on without remarking upon the largest one, the immediate property of the bishop. His practice and belief had been that such cases require the introduction of washes into the uterus ( the washing of the vagina being utterly futile. Incision of the membrana tympani in the earlier cases gave relief to increased pressure within the middle ear, followed by considerable bleeding. It is natural that the publisher in sending out these specimen copies shall furnish a number on which the editor has spent more than his usual amount of effort, and the consequence is that the literature thus gratuitously supplied is of a superior class, as compared, with the usual standard. For the landlord of the soil the reut value of the hectare has increased fivefold, from In a sanitary point of view the results have not been less satisfactory, and here again it is necessary to observe the facts on the ground. The present condition and dangers of these have been described before in these columns in plain language, and we reproduce the following paragraph from a letter by Dr.

These were given late in the disease, however, after all tenderness had gone. The empyema which had been common in civil life was usually due to pneumococci. Then make an eyebrow by making two arched incisions, leaving a strip of mole between them to match the form and length of the brow on the opposite side. The temperature rises in great weakness is manifest. Fibula of normal length and displaced upward and backward. A perforation into the post-ciecal cellular tissue is not so mani BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. The depressed area will soon rise and assume a more normal color. There was no especial predisposition on the part of the infantile syphilitics to any definite disease. Insoluble matter has filled the interstices between the tile, and prevented fluids from passing through, necessitating their being taken up and relaid. - 'For a further knowledge of the anatomy and functions of this gland we would refer the reader to works on anatomy and physiology, which treat elaborately thereon. The cartilage is visible in the radiogram because of lime deposits.

' hemosiderin granules in urine as aid in diagnosis of pernicious aiioiiiia. Empyema service, Walter Reed General Hospital. Similar is the mildness which characterizes a smallpox produced by the direct inoculation of an individual from the pus of another, though the attack thus caused is more severe than that which Other names given to less important varieties are variola sine variolis, or variolous fever without eruption; the"crystalline pock," in which the eruption continues vesicular; and the"stone pock,""horn pock," and"wart pock," in which the vesicles dry up into horny, tuberculated or laryngitis with fatal edema of the glottis, bronchopneumonia, parotitis, diarrhea, albuminuria, but rarely nephritis. The report of the committee to suggest changes to by-laws caused a lengthy and spirited discussion which was Anally ended by the adojition of a motion to accept the entire report of the committee without reading. One-half inch of the tip of the left ninth rib and almost all of the cartdage, which makes a sharp angle, were removed, and the rib part was united to the freshened left end of the mental fragment while the sternal end of the cartilage was buried in a tunnel burrowed between the soft tissues and the external surface of the remaining part of the ramus.

Rudolf Virchow, recently celebrated his fiftieth birthday.

Careful bacteriological studies were made in all cases in which Dakin's solution was used for irrigation, so that the progress of disinfection can be followed in each case from the beginning of this treatment until the wound had healed. The rise in April is coincident with the familiar increased incidence of influenza at that time. Memory is sometimes at fault with us. Kxaniination of the anemia was of such grade that operation was postponed, and she the left broad ligament was involved and a radical operation would not have been done had it not been for the condition of pregnancy. The observation and experience of every physician teaches him that the therapeutic results of a given drug, vary with the individual peculiarities and characteristic changes and type of the disease.


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