(a) The activity of the sinus region, where the cardiac impulse arises, is not indicated in the human electrocardiogram, so that any disturbance of impulse formation in this region is only indicated by the irregularity at which the normal auricular and ventricular waves appear. John Ambulance Brigade Hospital (substituted for notification in the London, Gazette of with the British Red Cross Hospital, Netley. In most patients it is an easy matter to visualize the Eustachian orifices and the pharyngeal recesses. Examination required, but not Diploma, but proof of four six-months' courses in the study of medicine. "When the train was again in motion a number of passengers came for a look at the ghost which I had been seeing ever since I"I afterwards told the conductor of the witch wolf and the Old Salem punch, and said I had no doubt but that the apparition was the ghost of one of the witches burned at Salem, Mass., in the early"So while my Christmas began under rather unfortunate circumstances, it wound up satisfactorily, after all. Frederick Hewitt, considering the disadvantage attending the use of nitrous oxide or ether singly as an anesthetic, proposes their combined use, claiming thereby to do away with the unpleasant effects attending Concerning the drawbacks to nitrous oxide he says there are two. Londowski thinks the uterine disorder is frequently a cause of the general cachexia and debility which we usually find in women suffering from this disease. But he emphasizes, particularly"that the remedy be given early in the disease, at the proper time and in the proper manner." The principles of the treatment are: of laudanum an hour before giving the ipe cac; also the application of a sinapism over the stomach; and to administer the ipecac in the form of large pills, not in a solution. Of the intestinal diseases in general this probably is the most prevalent, the commonest age being tinder ten; consequently, the discussion of this paper will be confined to the disease as Sex, race and social condition seem to have no influence upon the disease. He considers that all scabies under a purely external treatment.

THE CHIEF CORTICAL MOTOR CENTRES, AND BKOCA'S SPEECH-CENTRE. From time to time new theories are propounded of the etiology of rickets, but none can be satisfactory which fail to recognize that rickets can be produced by faults of diet, and that there are certain types of diet upon which the occurrence of rickets is practically a certainty whatever the environment of the infant may be. He considers that the lecethin combines with the lucstoxin of Wasserman, and so protects the nervous tissues ( It may be attributed either to the local irritation by unabsorbed drug or to vagus stimulation, the vagi being the motor nerves of the intestines. All remittances and communications pertaining to Advertisements or Subscriptions should be addressed to In the library hall of Columbia College, of August the American Association for the Advancement of Science, at which the address of the president had for its subject,"What American Zoologists have done for Evolution." A notable feature of the address was the assertion of the Darwinian theory of development, in terms so strenuous and forcible, that the accusation of dogmatism and attempt at coercion into a belief has been brought against it by some who are not inclined to be forced into conviction. The following is a summary of this to me instructive example of the evils of the purposeless giving of the bromides I was sent for to see Mrs. Furthermore, any one who has worked much in the post-mortem room will appreciate how easily right is wrongly written, when left is meant, as a brain is turned over and around for examination. It was only yesterday that they were almost completely dependent upon their parents for love, protection and guidance. - the results so far obtained by the author have proved eminently satisfactory. The reason for the frequency with wliich a period is missed at the onset of a tubo-ovarian abscess is probably to be explained by the inclusion and destruction of the corpus luteum in the area of abscess formation, for it has been shown by Fraenkel that on the integrity of this structure depends the next menstrual loss. Even after special effort, we were unable to obtain a taining the total number of diagnostic examinations made by private physicians. Saloons indulging very freely, and on the and found him in a very bad way: sitting on the edge of a chair, hands braced on knees, gasping for breath, coughing continually, and expectorating fresh, bright red blood. Instead of sex, there is in early childhood a"homo" yearning for the same sex. In desperate cases, all that can be done to relieve the urgent symptoms is to open and drain the bowel. He was unharnessed, the buggy left in the road, and the horse again put in the stable, while the much chagrined young man, covered with snow, without a hat, was brought into the house, willing to remain overnight. Blue books or no blue books, Trex always parked in the far posterior of the room.

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