Such cases often derive beneflt from curettage and the correction of the faulty position of the uterus in addition to the general treatment suitable for each case.

Although these requirements can be best secured in a sanatorium, they can be obtained at the patient's home regardless of the climatic conditions there prevailing. Periosteal new bone formation occurs, with cortical thickening and resultant widening of the bone. Lucy Vernetti Treasurer for Mexico. A little consideration will show that to raise the urine from the lowest part of the bladder through the supra-pubic opening a pressure equal to six inches of water (rather less than half an inch of mercury) would be usually sufficient, while for exceptional cases, and allowing for the mechanical difficulties due to viscosity and deposits, a pressure equal to twelve inches of water would meet all requirements. For, since quinine still constitutes the only efficacious remedy against paludism, its very failure renders necessary the employment of the most Technic of the Intravenous Injections of Quinine Since the technic of intravenous injections has become familiar in a general way, particularly through the introduction of arsenobenzol, we shall here refer only to certain particular features to be noted in the intravenous administration of quinine. In the catarrhal diathesis which we have noted, the majority of cases seem to do well with some preparation of phosphorus. Bacteria will appear in it very promptly, and as it is inconvenient to get a fresh specimen of urine to use each day, I undertook to prepare a permanent urinary fluid. The names of the men who gave up promotion to Surgeon are given below, with those of the stations, to retain which they rehnquished their future chances of advancement. After the operation she was perfectly free from pain, and had no sensation in that part when touched. Remove excess of water with filter paper.

We could dispose of the other major postoperative cardiac disasters, such as congestive failure or myocardial infarction, silent or otherwise, in the same manner by simply pointing out that a group with your interests would presumably not attempt to manage such a situation. He is assisted by two of the practice of the year in both departments, and under number in the year exceeds the average of these years onetenth. It is characterized by insufficient force and duration of the tension of the vocal cords in phonation, owing to a want of co-ordination and persistence in the muscular act; the patient is unable to sustain a tone in singing for any considerable time, or to utter several words together without interruption. Even when the tube was got into the stomach, the fluid injected was immediately expelled again by its side; so that the whole procedure, inducing so much suffering, proved useless.

The urea was very much diminished; after that came the chloride of sodium, phosphoric and sulphuric acid. The cerebral arteries showed some opacity, and one of the pontine arteries was distinctly thickened, suggesting syphilitic change. The case was treated by reducing the fracture and applying a shoulder-cap and sidesplint. Colchicum was found to act decidedly as a cholagogue, the rapidity of secretion being much increased. The third point to be noticed in connection with the case is the occuri-ence of the transient attacks of muscular spasm, which I think it quite justifiable to designate tetany. As to the cause of tibe great change indicated in these experiments, he could say little. H, aged thirty-two, a worker in a bleach works, of a nervo-sanguine tempex'ament, was in labor of her second child. Jackson, if we may judge from his later attitude, was not indifferent to renown; nor was he regardless of the suffering of other people. It is obvious that such a conformation as here disclosed could have aUowed of very little blood passing through the lunos.

Dewar presented the report of the Executive Committee. The ease at the Pennsylvania Hospital, in which there was a tumour on the upper and outer part of the leg that he and his colleagues supposed was a true aneurism. ASSISTANTS IN THE CHEMICAL LABORATORY.

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