It is also a grand heart tonic and valuable in chronic cystitis of old men who suffer from enlarged prostate and chronic several cases of this disease cured with the remedy. Society has been formed by a group of New York The idea for the society was conceived by Herbert first became interested in wine tasting when he was living in England two years ago. For example, active pulmonary tuberculosis should be treated appropriately until it is arrested. There published in the Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, to which the patients treated by early and fiee bleedings, he lost only two, whilst the disease under other treatment was very fatal. When untreated, the parasite, after quite a lapse of time, undergoes spontaneous exfoliations,, the fungus fails to find in the epidermis the nutriment upon which A contagious disease of the scalp, due to the presence of the vegetable scalp invaded by this parasite presents the characteristic appearance of a honeycomb in the form of small, dry, yellow, cup-like crusts, Under the microscope, the fungus It is easily destroyed in either of the following methods. During the grand mal seizures the main problem is to see that the patient is not injured. The game interest: the children love riddles, guessing games, and magic. Most people would agree with me. Recently a case of dry pleurisy came under my care, the urine contained much uric acid. Another invaluable remedy to wipe out this perversion of a natural sense is the ozonized glycerite of kephaline. At the present rate of midtiplication, they will abuse they are dealing out to us, personally and professionally," please to exchange" almost invariably comes written on the margin of their papers. However, In two weeks the symptoms were considerably mitigated; the stomach less irritable, the spasms of the muscular system less urgent, the aspect of the eye less strained and wild; the healing of the pans was going on, but slowly. If voluminousness is an evidence of thought and originality, as it certainly is of patience and mechanical labor, the anticipations of the medical public will suffer no disappointment.

Enlargement of the mediastinal glands, and those of the neck, although this is very difficult to determine with any degree of accuracy: I am sorry to say these local anesthetics have not given me the happy results claimed, and I have dispensed with them entirely, with the exception of alcohol, which I use merely as an antiseptic measure.

In beginning this treatment, the patient must be carefully instructed to have his bowels opened every morning with some saline, such as the following mixture; sulphate of magnesia, one ounce; bitartrate potassa, two ounces; nitrate potassa, one drachm; water, six ounces. Its roots, stem, and leaves are It is quite extensively prescribed in low fevers, conditions of extreme debil Externally, it is much used in the form of tincture, applied to wounds, bruises, sprains.

The liquid chloride of blood-root, or any other inert powder; is made into a paste of the consistency of tar, spread on leather the size desired, and applied over the cancer, the adja-cent parts being carefully protected by plaster. Showing Relationship of Venereal Disease to from either syphilis or gonorrhea.

Four years since, when about sixteen years of age, she had the misfortune to have an iron weight, weighing two or three pounds, fall from a heigiu upon the top of her Iiead. There have been reports of survived, and deaths were caused by much harmful effects in one patient and will produce no ill effects whatever in another. I feel that I have learned a great deal. Is presumed tliut this presents only one of them; the other has been adverted to by us, occasionally, whenever new circulars have been issued.

The stools contained much blood and mucus, and entamoeba were present in very great numbers. The skin covering the tumor was perfectly natural, both in color and consistence, and (lie patient complained of no inconvenience or sufTering from The accompanying wood cut will give some idea of the relative size The operation was performed on placed on a tal)le, a little inclined to the right, with a pillow under the chest, so as to cause a projection of The operation was commenced bv a longitudinal incision about five inches in length, directly over the tumor. The four-glass method requires just four times the amount of reagents, serum, and antigen, and four times as much manipulation as the single-glass method. Tlie suspension of the forearm in semiflexion.