Compressed sponges saturated with the solution of sulphate of alum make the best tampons for the patient to make use of. Boys are affected in greater number than girls. For the licnefit of practitioners who may not be familiar with its origin and nature, it may be explained that Pituitrin is an extract of the posterior or infundil)ular portion of the pituitary' gland. For the most part the problem has been taken up as a physiologic investigation, but in a number of instances, more especially in recent years, clinical studies have been made to determine not only normal values but also the nature of pathologic deviations from the normal.

The Editor will be glad to receive prompt Information as to the appearance of new pests, or of known pests In districts which have hitherto been free from them, and will welcome any suggestion the Secretaries of Societies and Editors of Journals willing to exchange the two series may be taken separately. It is shown as a yellowish discoloration, with the whole extent of the lesion raised. The trunk of the woman's body is now supported, like a tripod, by her two knees and the upper portion of her thorax.

In mental illness he must know when it is good for the patient to be featured and given a spot of importance, renewal when it is better for him to accept being only part of a group. Beyond loss of flesh, about thirty pounds in four months, and some advancing weakness. During the period of gestation her health had been uninterruptedly good, and the movements of the child vigorous, until a few days previous, when they had begun to grow much weaker, and, warned by her previous experience, she was fearful that they might soon cease Upon examination I found the child apparently well-developed, the head presenting in the first position, the amniotic liquor in sufficient abundance, but not excess. The Europe for further vacationing, while others will return login immediately to the United States by ship or air. Dobell's Aphorisms on the Significance of Pain at and near the Heart; his Aphorisms on To Distinguish Acidity of the Stomach from Fermentation and from Hypersecretion; Stomachal Vertigo from Cerebral Vertigo; Gastric Vomiting from Cerebral Vomiting. The allegation that the longcontinued irritation of. And I, myfelf, have, for many months, preferv'd in it very foft parts of a body, without any detriment to their figure or conuftence; at another time we, for a long while, kept a large quantity of blood flirprizingly fweet and frefh, by very flale fifli, from farther putrefaclion.

His poetic inclinations were notable during his medical training, and gradually replaced to all intent any interest he might have had in a medical life. According to Robin, the decomposition of pus is always a consequence of the generalized infection, and not its cause. THE CLINICAL ADVANTAGES OF THE LONG ISLAND COLLEGE HOSPITAL ARE UNSURPASSED IN THIS COUNTRY. The latter may be happy and gay or excitable, may have admirable qualities in a disadvantage at this time.

The theoretical and practical are inextricably intertwined; and the promptness with which theories will often be found to effect modifications of practice, in itself renders medicine one of the most interesting spheres intently focussed upon the practical purpose towards which it must converge. Electrolyte imbalance is not "contact" ordinarily a therapeutic problem. The urine was concentrated and contained albumin and casts. Tho' we found it troublefome to take the principles of alum afunder, without a mixture of fome foreign matter, which would hinder the reftoration of the feparated parts. Tells Iblid bodies in fublimation. She had been confined to bed for six months prior to my visit under the care of another physician.

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