Three such doses have, in the majority of cases which came under my observation, proved sufticieiit; but circumstances will now and then alter the requirements, as ui other lirauches of medical practice in respect It reipiires some consideration to determine the form of cases iu which ergot of rye or any preparation of it may be used with safety and advanta"e; otherwise,"the good expected, may be superseded bv injurious results. Large bronchocele,: for which an operation had been performed by Mr. Slu' brought no bottle for it. This condition yielded to the administration of adrenaline by mouth and the application of icebags to the abdomen. I told you lliat it is doubtful whether it is produced in the iiillaim-d part, or whether it is carried tliere by the increased quantity of blood. The researchers who found the virus knew exactly where to look for it and what it would do. However, their successors, recognizing the magnitude of the neuropsychiatric problem, made the necessary arrangements to accommodate medical, surgical, and psychiatric services for Dr. Means of hydrostatic pressure is injurious in the majority of cases of acute gonorrhoea, and is conducive to the development of complications. We later showed, in dogs, that the heart of an animal dying of endotoxin or blood loss shock could readily support the host"permanently," if transplanted to the normal metabolic environment of a space does not permit their reexamination here.

Examination showed that the tibialis anticus and extensor group of muscles were completely powerless, and both patella reflexes were absent. During its perusal we were strongly reminded Bard.sley, forming- the article" Diabetes" in the" Cyclopcedia of Practical Medicine;" although with legs display of learning, there is perhaps more practically useful matter in the essay before us. The prostitutes who go to the hospital, and those who are sent to prison, recruit their health, and come out less lean than when they entered. I gave him and given to me to mesmerise, and the Colonel ran placed the mesmerised jjiece amongst the rest, and turned my head away, fearing if I knew which it was, he would find out through mr, and begged the Colonel not to touchoV, but to push'it about with the others, and alter the position of it. Having in connection with this pain constant palpitations of the heart, she was convinced that her affection originated from some cardiac disorder. However, can take cognizance only of the State laws establishing the qualifications for the practice of medicine. The terms of such compensation will necessarily vary in different From the standpoint of medical economics, as ordinarily understood, the most vital part of a health insurance act involves the discussion of the remuneration of the physician. The Chairman, in opening the proceedings, said the Association was formed seventeen years ago, and during its existence had succeeded in promoting the interests of its members in numerous ways. The neglect of a precaution which should always precede an operation of any importance, cost the patient The excellent little text-book of our author has been so long before the medical public that it would be time lost to analyze its contents very fully; but there are some portions of it which are sufficiently novel, owing to recent additions, to exact this at our hands, and there are others which are invitingly open to comment and discussion: The son, who is himselt a surgeon, insisted upon his choice of an op:rator, and the father had the fortitude:ause to rejoice at the successful issue, tfany years ago Dr.

PETERSDORF, Harrison's Principles of THOMAS H. His wife, who is not at all superstitious, was pregnant for the fmirth time, and in and fell at full length, first on her knees, and then upon her elbows; this causcil that our child doi's not sntl'ir frcnn it," Being couliuedat tlie usual jerlod, she brought into the world a male child, with the knees, thighs and elbows presenting the appearance of turn in the fifth month of her pregnancy, was engaged in aiqdying a certain number of leeches to the cliest of a young man atfecled brought into the world a healthy child, but presenting on the left side of its chest, marks analogous to leech-bites. But well-made man, extremely muscular, and of good general veins in his neck were somewliat distended.

The prevalent neglect of the subject brings with it results injurious both to the insane individual and to the physician: to the former, by his reason being allowed to remain captive for want of suitable knowledge and skill on the part of those who ought to give it freedom; to the latter, by the slur cast on himself and the profession, when he appears as a witness before a court of law, to give his opinion of the real mental condition of an individual, respecting whose sanity doubts may be entertained; or of one, whose insanity it is necessary to be assured, either for the purpose of justifying suitable restraint, or of exempting from penal punishment a person who, as insane, is no longer a free agent. It was alleged, moreover, that such methods had been adopted by the medical officer of health for promoting the indiscriminate removal of patients to the parochial hospital, as would have been likely to bring the guardians into legal difficulties unless they had exercised timely caution, and had determined in no case to allow their officers vltra tires to pauperise the seems to have been pretty much as follows. Some of the elements may be regarded as more essential than others; thus congestion, determination, exaggC' ration, and alteration of the nerif ns functions appear to be essential. This will be the first institution in New York to come under the initial supervision of this committee. In the morning the daily cycle begins a new. Ueber den Helligkeitswert der prevention and treatment of nearsightedness; traumatischen Dialjetes, mit histologischer Untersuchung des Zentralnervensystems in einem Rltti (Antoine).

Iloath, that plaster-of-Paris should receive more general attention in the primary treatment of fractures, both simple and compound. In deep-seated inflammations of the thoracic and abdominal Of rendering effective relief, very often aborting a serious For convenience Antiphlogistine is marketed in four bulk.

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