On swelling as of muscle hypertrophy, without skin discoloration, tender pets to the touch, and the patient says it hurts as if it had been struck. The solution of dionin is still being used in the left eye only. I BEG leave to forward to you the particulars of an interesting and uncommon case of introsusception of the colon into the rectum, where the whole of that gut, with the coecum, and about four or five inches of ileum, were found, and which, when removed from the body, had the ajipearance represented in the annexed drawing. Describe the digestion of proteids in the stomach. However, the following facts are not in accord with our present teachings of bacterial diseases. (b) The iucreasiug of the actiou of nerve centres by afferent impulses. The methods devised to correct or improve these conditions are so numerous that it would lead us far afield to attempt an exhaustive study. Miss Hickman was a lady doctor woman of strong physique, sound health, great intelligence and even, kindly disposition. Extensive gastric involvement is frequently present at the time w_hen gastric disturbance first becomes manifest. In another case of this kind I should probably drain the kidney for some days through an indwelling ureter catheter, or the end of the ureter might have been drawn into the bladder and fastened there after applying the heat; or with the knowledge that both kidneys and both ureters were healthy it might have been best to sacrifice at once the right renal function by simply clamping and tying ofT the end of the divided ureter. In the treatment, arsenicals seem to have proved a failure, in spite of the identity of the virus as a spirochete. We usually find here palsies of various portions of the body and disturbances of sensations. The appetite returned, and she became convalescent after a few weeks iTom exposure to cold and wet, she was attacked with acute inflammation of the blcfi Being- already greatly debilitated, lower extremities. The symptoms will, of course, depend upon the quantity and purity of the gas would cause death. The results are shown in Table I.

The gastric juice was collected Experiment VI.

We will now take up the subject of prevention of puerperal sepsis, and lay special stress upon our own plans for preventing this dread To put the plans for prevention of puerperal fever into a concrete form, we may say: and be ever free from contact with any infectious disease as scarlet fever, erysipelas, wound infection, and particularly cases of puerperal pledgets of cotton, and occlusion pads, anil they should be used during the time of delivery and after delivery. What changes take place in the blood of pregnant animals? There is said to bo an increase in the volume of the btood in the constituenU. With quiet, the spines or spurs of osteo-arthritis apparently become less irritating from formation of scar tissue. As soon as the acute jobs stage has subsided, usually within three to ten days, electricity should be employed daily. Barnes as a sign of This ends the account of those signs of pregnancy which are least to be relied on in forming a diagnosis, and which are only useful when taken in the aggregate. The scope of usefulness of this instrument promises to enlarge with further knowledge. He says:"Holding the sound in the left hand I recommend you to introduce the index finger of the right into the vagina, and keeping its tip in close contact with the os uteri, guide the point of the sound up to the os, slipping it along the inner surface of the finger, the concavity of the instrument being turned toward the rectum. If you will study the works of the eugenists themselves, you will see that they rely upon training, care, and nourishment, to re-enforce parental selection: free. As a result of these procedures in his clinic the mortality rate of operations upon the stomach, including explorations in cases of inoperable cancer, resections and gastroenterostomies, had been reduced T. Semple, Director, Pasteur Institute of India, showed a commencing myelitis of the anterior and lateral columns, as evidenced by leucocytic inftltration; but no other abnormal condition. Because of this thorough mastication, any foreign body is quite sure to be detected sod rejected.

States that, contrarv to general opinion, he does not regard the prognosis as good. With oxalic acid; the test is more delicate if the acid be first neutralised with ammonia.

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