Two susceptibles and two immunes. This paroxysmal tachycardia may be the expression of disease in the nerve centres which operates only from time to time as they may be irritated, especially under the accumulation of toxins. I emphasize this because it brings an understanding of an important aspect of the service-benefits idea into shai-per focus. We have seen above that the animal system is conquered by any contagious disease in ratio with the debility of the living animal cells and their feeble power of resistance. Thcue children generally walk later than tiHual. But the disease already exists in New York (Connecticut), New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, and District of Columbia. .';'"'"'"" til""liMll, wliiili, Trmimatic fmumaUKd,' is.Ino to fmclnre of the bo.iu over the mastoid air colls or froutul sinus, aiul is very r.uc. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. To keep up a continuous supply of fresh blood it is necessary, not only that the heart shall beat, but that it shall beat with rhythm. While serving in this capacity she was the author of two or three elementary school books. In the metatarso-phalangeal joint of the great toe, and on examination, the joint is held rigid and slightly flexed. In this way a better judgment of the differences in the pulse could be obtained than from the touch of the vein, just as more can be known from the urine about its weight than to make a more accurate judgment with regard to the breathing, if the inspirations and expirations were studied according to the weight of the water that passed during a certain interval? If, while water was flowing from a clepsydra, one were to count a hundred expirations in a boy, and then in an old man, of course, there would not be the same amount of water at the end of the enumeration. As the toxins inhibited the internal secretions, the administration of adrenalin as well as of thyroid was beneficial. In many cases perfect reduction is impossible, and the question of an open operation arises.

He gave a zest to the study of the old masters, issued editions of certain, at least, of the works of Hippocrates (" Aphorisms") and Galen (" Microtechnics"), and, in general, called attention to the precious treasure of medical lore that must be used to advantage if men were to teach the rising generation out of the accumulated knowledge of the past.

Opened, but the operation earned out through the external aWominnl ring. During the sent over an ambulance and undergraduates of the school. The size of the first instrument is to be gauged by that of the meatus if it be normal, and if it be found necessary during the course of the treatment the orifice should be enlarged, in order that bougies of progressively increasing sizes may be introduced until they correspond to the full calibre or distensibility of the urethra, as indicated by the urethrapieter.

The aorta also is smaller and the walls are thin. Every case of chronic middle ear suppuration should be studied carefully before we decide what to dr.; in that way a cerebellar abscess may be discovered which would otherwise escape detection.

Useful position for ankylosis, and this can bo done tubercle of the tibia. The voice.sounds are changed in character when slight consolidation has taken place and the whispered voice is appreciated more accurately than the The adventitious sounds or rales are by far the most important consideration in the detection of early pulmonary tuberculosis. Moreover, we have seen patients bleed from obstruction in this area. Certainly in America, the land of individual freedom and of equality of opportunity, each person should be given a chance to continue working to the utmost of his capabilities. The severer complications relate chiefly to the obstruction of the smaller tubes by plugs of mucus, and the consequent collapse of the corresponding portions of the lung (atelectasis), and to the occurrence of broncho-pneumonia when the catarrhal process extends to the bronchioles and pulmonary vesicles.

In cases where the intestines are wounded they are to be sewed with a small needle and a silk thread and care is to be exercised in bringing about complete closure of the wound. Too little attention has been given to diphtheria carriers. When he had rolled out a ball of clay as one might roll a pie crust, he pressed the leaf into the surface and cut out its impression complete with a reproduction of its vein system. In some instances, where the inflammation has been general, organization extends until the pericardial cavity becomes entirely obliterated. Meats: rare steak, rare roast beef, mutton or chicken (fish may be given once a should be given, according to the age and capacity of the child.