Catgut is so shortlived and uncertain, even when strongly chromicized, when in contact with the intestinal juices, that it cannot be depended upon, and the practice of using catgut for the mucous stitch and linen for the serous one would seem to me to be a reversal of the best method of application of these materials, particularly as the serous stitch of linen becomes a permanent foreign body with all the disadvantages and dangers that On the other hand, a fine chromicized strand of catgut of moderate life, is preferable for the serous stitch, inasmuch as it insures coaptation of the parts for so long a time as is necessary, after which it is absorbed and cannot become an irritant through its retention as a foreign body, for of course, the passage of this second stitch into the intestinal canal must be difficult While very fine silk or Pagenstecher thread may be tolerated for serous stitches in the peritoneal cavity, it must be conceded that they carry with them the possibility for harm, and in my opinion such stitches and ligatures would be better, if of absorbable material. Occasionally a little whiskey or brandy will stimulate the uterus to better contraction.

The lymphocytes were normal or slightly decreased. Many more there are whose serious enquiries we must request of others, and shall only awake considerations, whether that common opinion that snakes do breed out of the back or spinal marrow of man, doth build upon any constant root or seed in nature; or did not arise from contingent generation, in some single bodies remembered by Pliny or others, and might be paralleled since in living corruptions of the guts and other parts; which regularly proceed not to putrefactions Whether the story of the remora be not unreasonably amplified;' whether that of bernacles and goose-trees be not too much enlarged;" whether the common history of bees will hold, as large accounts have delivered; whether the brains of cats be attended with such destructive malignities, as Dioscorides and others put upon them? As also whether there be not some additional help of art, unto the numismatical and musical shells, which we sometimes meet with in conchylious collections among us? Whether the fasting spittle of man be poison unto snakes and vipers, as experience hath made us doubt? Whether the nightingale's sitting with her breast against a thorn, be any history of the le-pas anatifera, or berna- in his Comparative Anatomy) that this cle, is too well understood, to render it is one of the self-impregnating animals, of the old story of its producing geese, absurd story of a vessel in full sail being It may be allowed, however, to notice stopt by one of these singular little fish the fact (discovered by Sir E.

In flexion, the muscles of the front of the column are active, while in extension the muscles of the back contract: In complete dislocations of the elbow, both the bones of the forearm are dislocated backward on the humerus so that the coronoid process of"the ulna is in the olecranon fossa and the neck of the radius on the eapitellum of the humerus. The book reflects the teaching of the Eotunda Hospital, Dublin. Schultze, however, thinks that this relative scarcity of nerve cells in these parts of the anterior horns is sufficiently common in healthy cords, and, although he found it in his own case of lead paralysis, he does not attach much importance to the appearance, unless associated with other signs of destruction of tissue. Have been a successful ease had more time for anaesthesia estimation, the patient could not be classed as hysterical, as she made every effort to control her emotions during painful manipulations. Atrophy of the spinal muscles is a fairly common sequel, while visceral disease is frequent in typical cases.

The staff and nursing organization during the epidemic were entirely inadequate, though the individual members showed unfailing devotion.

SUBSTITUTES FOR OPIUM IN CHRONIC DISEASES. A committee of three, then distinguished members of the Academy, Doctors Portal, Pelletan and Percy were named to investigate the new It is rather interesting to notice, though almost needless to say, that the names of these men would be now absolutely unremembered in medical history but for the fortuitous circumstance that made them Laennec's investigators. - contraction is a common sequel which is followed by rectal tenesmus and constipation, from a lessening in size of the lumen. When he did begin to recover his health one of the most serious problems in his regard was to keep him from hindering his convalescence by a return to his old-time absorption in the important problems of the cure and the prevention of disease, at which he had been so happily engaged. At the end of each chapter are given suggestions for laboratory work and references to the literature bearing on the subjects considered.

THE UPPER EXTREMITY AS A REGION. When the patient is upon the table the labia are very widely separated, using more retraction than for an ordinary examination, so that the speculum can be introduced without coming into contact with the external genitalia. The determination of the total Kellogg, E. It is smooth anteriorly but its posterior surface is rough for attachment of ligaments and muscles. One hundred cubic centimeters of water was used and placed in an Erlenmeyer flask. A lesion of the seventh rib will, in some cases, produce relaxation of these muscles; in others, The blood-vessels affected by this lesion are the intercostal vessels with their spinal and muscular branches, the gastric and hepatic vessels. The raw sewage was emptied directly into the surrounding waters; Garbage was sold to contractors. Hemorrhage being feared, ligation was done under chloroform. Operation performed by him of placing a ligature on the aorta, Johnson, Dr. Occasionally I have had to resort to high enemas on account of a temporary intestinal stasis.

The second sound accompanies tlie collapse of the tumor, and it is, therefore, probably occasioned by the reflux of the blood In this patient, the external manifestations of aneurism are so palpable, that, although I have not the certitude which is derived from dissection, I think I am privileged to record a case possessing so many interesting features. In addition to this, it is well to apply a tourniquet on the main vessel for a few hours, which lessens the force of pulsation at the wound, and aids the formation of the coagulum.

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