LTnder her direction, the course of instruction has been extended to two years and arrangements have been made with the Drexel Institute for a the school has attained marked success. Each Lshaped pin consists of course of two arms, one cylindrical, the other flattened in u plane at right angle to the rounded arm. It may occur to the right or the left of the original sore (Fig. At food were injected every four hours. He says:"The average income of men of our profession does not equal a week trying cases would earn the average income of the profession." He makes no mention of what the lawyers make"on the outside." schools and Sunday-schools in Erie have been closed because of an epidemic of the disease. Some of the parks are not wholly completed but are rapidly approaching that desired end. From Schotte's account, as well as from subsequent observations, we find yellow fever on the West Coast of Africa, as in the West Indies, being carried from place to place by maritime commerce, and having periods of outbreak followed by considerable Havana or New Orleans, or from both.

Albuminuria may occur, but is comparatively rare in In the typho-Tnalarial form diarrhoea sets in, and the evacuations have the pea-soup appearance of those of enteric fever. These experiences are full of encouragement and hope. In India, cholera is working greater havoc than "" the bubonic pest among the famine-stricken people. Certain writers, however, oppose this view; principally on the ground that the epidemic extension of dengue is so rapid and so wide that there can be no time for the operation of infection from person to person. In two of the more pronounced cases of fla;foot the pain was first noticed only shortly before the patients applied for treatment.

Therefore the author believes that to solve the cervical cancer problem it will be necessary to diagnose the disease before symptoms have developed.

Verneuil abandoned the idea of performing gastrostomy, and began to consider the advisability of substituting internal cesophagotomy, when suddenly, without any ascertained cause, the stricture became impassable. Lowe, for some years now the colleague of Dr. The X-ray should be used early in gas bacillus infection, but will cure many cases in the late stages with little or no danger to the patient, and at the same time provide for the maximum of tissue recovery.

Some people, having been fitted with glasses, think they see perfectly, but use only one eye, and imconsciously suppress the retinal image of the other, which becomes amblyopic from lack of use.

After the removal of the diseased bone, the patient's progress was CHRYSOPHANIC ACID AS A REMEDY IN SKINDISEASE. Mulford, who became its City of Camden was organized, over which Dr.

In this case, the exposure of the fractured bone was avoided, which was the more necessary, as the source of In the foregoing essay, I have described the conditions under which the indirect ligature becomes necessary.

The space between the cornea and the contact lens is occupied by normal saline or buffered solution.

The third bundle extended from the upper surface of the muscle to the superior margin of the capsule of the shoulder-joint. The new committee met in New York, in September, and transferred the management of the congress to an executive committee, composed of the president chairman of the finance committee, and the presidents of sections.

Thus Kramer and Boycc were unable to produce any immunity even with large doses of serum from vaccinated calves; and recently Beumer and Peiper have arrived at a similar conclusion. It is rarely altogether absent in the more intense grades of the disease; although in these, too, it may be so little obtrusive as to be overlooked, while in other instances the skin assumes a deep orange or even bronze hue. Koene states, that he examined a substance which it was pretended was creosote, and found it to consist of the heavy oil of tar several times rectified. The pons Varolii, against which the basilar artery rested, was so much softened that the finger readily slipped into it, and its middle portion especially was found to be almost in a fluid condition. In order to obtain an exact I knowledge of a fracture, it should be skiagraphed' at two angles. H., aged twenty-four years, an employee of the electric street railroad, accidentally received a shock from one of the trolley wires and at the same time the eyes were subjected to a very intense flash of light.

If the pulmonary test were wholly set aside, it is easy to conceive what would be the consequences.

We may imagine this change to take place through the development of the tuberculous affection, which might occupy, after a certain length of time, all, or nearly all the parts which were primitively the seat of emphysema.

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